Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?

Barack Obama organized his succesful campaign with massive and effective use of the Internet. TechCrunch writes about the future prospects of a continuous dialog with the population -- and why not the entirel world. Yestarday I learned that he will publish his popular speaches as podcasts on YouTube.

Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?: "But let’s examine the election another way, one that may bring to life a different picture of how Obama earned his place in history. His campaign both redrew political lines and also forever changed the way candidates reach out to constituents.

Online tools such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter contributed to the netting of record-breaking campaign funding and the staggering galvanization of a younger generation of first-time voters who truly made an impact and a difference. The Obama campaign, for example, outspent McCain nearly three-to-one, which was a testament to the capabilities of technology and the corresponding impact of sociology let loose on the Web. The Obama campaign leveraged multiple technology platforms and social immersion strategies to engage constituents directly, raising an astounding $660 million in campaign contributions.

They went directly to the people.

The Obama team, for example befriended almost 130,000 friends on Twitter with an almost equal amount following him."
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