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Here are some good points. I write from a baby boomer, post-war perspective and I know numerous people who are double or triple the age of Y-generation youngsters but with lots of activities online. We're probably a minority but I don't care. Being online brings bread to the table and makes it easier to manage national and global projects. It's not age but the functionality, ease of usen and freedom that keeps me online. Addicted, maybe, but I don't need to travel 150 days a year to do my job. Internet is my work horse taking me to places and destinations important for my work.

Random Sarah » Blog Archive » Generation Wh-Y Does it Matter?: "When I first started making videos and blogging a lot of my friends seemed worried. “What happens when you want to find a job, your employers are going to see this!” I answered, “I SURE HOPE SO!” What I do online speaks for me, but it speaks in a good way! I know that I have managed my digital life well and in a way that will only work to my advantage when I am being interviewed for a job.

I think in social media we should try and consider everything on a user-to-user basis, while you might not think that someone who is 50 wants to twitter, they might! What surprised me the most about all the talk of Gen-Yers yesterday was that I know so few people my age who are anxious to try new digital tools. The masses are happy with facebook and myspace! (I have no idea why) But maybe we should start to figure out a new term for people who use the tools that we use, cause I don’t think it has anything to do with age!"

Sarah Cooley

My name is Sarah Cooley I am a 21 year old video blogger, and podcast producer. I started randomsarah.com as a place to talk about the goings on around the internet and in the world of social media. Recently I launched a new podcast called What’s it all about: Web 2.0. The focus of the show is to educate people about social media and web 2.0 culture.

I truly believe that social media and internet video are the way of the future and I consider myself a vocal advocate for the world of online community and networking.

Among other things I am a photographer, student, apple fan girl, traveler, tea drinker, wine lover, and self proclaimed geek.

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