Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008

I learned about Slush Helsinki from Janne Saarikko. He told that there is an active startup discussion going on at the Slush events. That's great to know. How about smaller towns and villages? Slush serves the "metropolitan" startup scene.

Slush Helsinki November 24th 2008: "Have an idea for a startup business?

If you think you have a great idea and you are brave enough to test your idea, we can help. We aim to choose up to seven teams with potential ideas for a successful startup and give them money to work on their project on summer 2009. Since we aim to fund eventually seven ideas we call it Slush Seven. Our hope is that we can give 6 000 euro to each team.

At the end of the day the number of teams we can choose depends on how successful the event will turn out to be. We are not looking into making any profit from the event and all the organizers work for free to make the Slush event happen. We will channel all the remaining money after expenses have been covered to the Slush Fund. In essence, the amount of money will depend on the number of people that show up, so make sure you'll be there!

The jury that chooses the startups that will get funded will include Prashand Agarwal of Fjord (former Mippin and Yahoo!), Ville Vesterinen of ArcticStartup and Peter Vesterbacka of Mobile Monday.

See more about signing up (here) or go straight ahead and register to Slush Seven by filling the online form."

Helge: Slush is a good idea!
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