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IPC APEX EXPO 2009, Las Vegas

New things are happening in the Finnish electronics industry. I'll keep you updated about interesting developments. We might start to talk about a second coming of manufacturing. The industry is changing...
IPC APEX EXPO 2009: "IPC APEX EXPO™ 2009Find Us on FacebookConference/Exhibition March 31-April 2, 2009Meetings: March 29–April 2, 2009Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center, Las VegasEnglish | 中文 | Deutsch | Espaňol | 日本語 | Français | 한국어 | Português | РусскийJoin thousands of colleagues from more than 50 countries at our industry's premier event — a celebration of printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing and test technology. Find the technology you need, meet new suppliers, network with industry experts, input on vital industry standards, learn from new research papers and return to your company with the solutions you need.

Designed by and for the industry, it’s the one place to get the answers you need for 2009 and beyond. Please take some time to view …

White Christmas Dreams 2008

Hello everybody, we are dreaming about a White Christmas and it looks like we will have about the same amount of snow as 2005.
Sotkamo 22.12.2005 -15 Celsius and 15 cm Snow and today 23.12.2008 - 5 Celsius and 15 cm snow.
We have a White Christmas.
Irja, Macarena, Annaleena Olli, Samuli, HelgeToivotamma Hyvää Joulua Sotkamosta!Glad Jul och Gott Nytt År!Season's Greetings!Bonne Noël!
Feliz Navidad y Próspero Ano Nuevo
Fröhliche Weihnacht! ÜberallTip, tap, tipe, tipe, tip, tap...

Holiday Shoppings and Reizit

I was talking with a long time friend, Armen Hareyan, about a new service with the name which is a COMMUNITY POWERED MARKETING SERVICE where people can add products they like and vote for what they like. It's like Digging!

A quick look at the sight gives me the following impression: Home | Login | Register | Live | Top User | Tag Cloud and there is a Search function.

Present Product Categories

Armen said, "It will be easy to add more categories. This is just a list of the first consumer products on Reizit."
ApparelShoes & JewelryBooksFoodHealth & BeautyHome & GardenTechnologyTools & AutoToys & KidsSportWe spoke about "Art, Design, Craft, etc." Time will tell how consumers find this service.

Let's Digg a little deeper into the "What is Reizit?"

Reizit, is a community that helps to raise awareness about better products, gadgets and services by sharing information about those products and gadgets with the community member…

KK-Net Business Development and Success Management

KK-Net delivers Global Business Innovation for improved profitability. We're ready to support clients from any part of the world.
Profile Information: KK-Net –> Increasing productivity!We're building a productivity Powerhouse with increased capacity and service reach in collaboration with our partners and clients
About KK-Net: We started as a market research, global field sales, marketing and business communication company but are extending our services.
We engage in a long-term strategic partnership and collaboration
Change management, renewal of processes, success formulas, internationalization Biotechnology, microbiology, bioenergy and CHP (co-generation heat and power)
Social media and open innovation are tools in a our toolbox
Real estate and constructionUnderstanding how innovations emerge and what is needed to build successful global business operations.
We communicate with a global audience Global collaboration comes through the KK-Network
Open innovation is generate…

Christine Perkett - BusinessWeek

We started tweeting today: "missusPon a Board call for Boston Marketing Association. We're coming back strong in 2009 - good for networking in a downturn; stay tuned."

I wrote: digitalvillages@missusP What are you doing to manage networking in a downturn. I'm curious, keep me informed. Wish you success!

A few minutes later, I asked: digitalvillagesWhat will the US CTO do? Will that person be tweeting the ideas and strategies to the microbloggers and microbubblers?

Christine Perkett - BusinessWeek: "Christine Perkett
Chief Executive, PerkettPRFollowing: 1,342Followers: 1,477Favorites: 70Updates: 3,732Favorite Twitter user to follow: Ann Handley, chief content officer of MarketingProfs

How Twitter helps her run PerkettPR: 'We tweet about our own industry insights, technology, PR, and more—and people have been receptive and responsive. We feel we've earned a new respect as communications professionals in this way. We've had the advantage of receiving 'fi…

Read what Finns write about Jaiku and Twitter

Read the Jaiku-stories here... In Finnish language and here is Compte's analytics. Take a quick look at Prt.Sc. picture above.

Finland Searching for Foresight

Here is a slide from last weeks Foresight seminar at the Finlandia house in Helsinki. Mr. Ossi Kuittinen from Sitra made good speech about what should be done to make this country more adapted to change.
We've to move fasterBe flexibleDon't let the bureaucracy owerwhelm and take hold of innovation processesOpen minded and outward goingWe've to learn to market and sell our innovationsThere are thousands of small ICT firms that never make the transition to the global marketGet up, start moving, the world is waiting

Beroe Inc. Market Intelligence..

I was talking with a Mrs. MS from India and she made me familiar with this company. Invited her also to KK-Net.

At the same time as our conversation on Skype continued I was parallel processing an internal development concerning

KK-Net processes and extensive use of Web 2.0
Our Services Management Platform related to Web 2.0 technologiesGoals for 2009 and the global connection
Different roles in innovation processes
..Market Intelligence..: "Media - Events Procurecon 2008, Las Vegas...

Beroe satisfies the information needs of Fortune 500 companies across various commodities and services.

ProcureCon is the direct and indirect strategic sourcing event for manufacturers, featuring a 40+ speaker faculty and attracting approximately 200 procurement directors/VP/CPOs from Fortune 1000 companies. The 2008 summit at Las Vegas, focuses on aligning the procurement efforts and metrics to the CEO/CPO/CFO corporate agenda.

Beroe Inc will be showcasing all of its services as an exhibitor and will shar…

Your Inner CEO by Allan Cox

Your Inner CEO from Allan Cox on Vimeo.

I know Allan over Internet. We've never met in person. The video above is from his blog and there is a sharing mode on the video. Mr. Allan Cox has written a book "The Inner CEO" and here is the place where we started our dialog.

A couple of weeks ago I addressed the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Entrepreneurial Roundtable and covered this topic. A video of that presentation appears above. Of course, I’d be delighted if you find it useful.


DeskAway - Online Project Management Software, Project Collaboration Software, Task & Issue Tracking Software

There was someone (tjompa) from Sweden spreading the word about DeskAway on Jaiku. He writes in Swedish: "Har utvärderat ett gäng projektverktyg under hösten och DeskAway är helt underbart. Om man bortser från att det visuellt inte är så sexigt och mer kollar till funktionerna så... så... är det bara vackert. Snabba är dom på feedback och frågor också. Indier verkar vara vakna dygnet runt."

Quick translation
@tjompa says, "I've evaluated a number of project (management) tools during the autumn and DeskAway is just wonderful. The visual outlook isn't very sexy and he is still working with the functions...and those are so beutiful. They are very fast on feedback. Indian people seem to work 24 hours a day."

DeskAway - Online Project Management Software, Project Collaboration Software, Task & Issue Tracking Software: "Web Based Project Collaboration. DeskAway gives you an accurate view of your project progress and eliminates common problems when work…

ICT has been a success story in Finland

In Southwest Finland there are some 1,500 ICT companies. I learned yesterday that we've about 4,000 ICT companies in Finland with a population of 5 million people. About 1,000 new ICT's are created in the country on an annual basis. That means that we've a broad spread of startups but most of them are very small.

As far as areas outside the greater Helsinki area are concerned, the Turku-Salo region constitutes the strongest concentration of expertise in Finland. The applied ICT cluster is especially linked with
healthcaremaritimemetal industrypharmaceutical industryOther especially strong areas include electronics and telecommunications technology. The region is also known as a forerunner in wireless applications.

There is some concern with the size of the numerous ICT companies in this country. We've a lot of them but the big question is how to get them growing. We've an econmic downturn now, big and small companies worry about the future of their companies. Many of …

The Foresight Seminar 2008 at Finlandia Hall

We returned back from Helsinki one hour ago. Today Olli Kallio and myself participated in the TIVIT Foresight seminar 2008. The seminar was informative and there were tons of ideas about what we should do to become even more competitive in the future.
The TiVIT work has started (Reijo Paananen)Curren programs and directions (Pauli Kuosmanen)Future Internet (Reijo Juvonen)Flexible Services (Petri Vuorimaa)Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem (Petri Liuha)Cooperative Traffic ICT (Hannu Hakala)Academy of Finland (Juha Latikkala)Sitra (Ossi Kuittinen)FinPro (Hanna Marttinen-Deakins)Tekes (Kari Tilli)Software - dominating engineering technology (Pirkka Palomäki)Radio beyond 4G (Klaus Hugl)Media - what we can offer? (Helena Juhola)Next generation electronics (Aame Ojala)Substance discussion, questions and more proposals (Reijo Paajanen)How to proceed? (Reijo Paajanen)The program started 08:00 and closing at 16:30. Janne Saarikko reported in Jaiku about the event. Look for details at #Semin…