Beroe Inc. Market Intelligence..

I was talking with a Mrs. MS from India and she made me familiar with this company. Invited her also to KK-Net.

At the same time as our conversation on Skype continued I was parallel processing an internal development concerning

  • KK-Net processes and extensive use of Web 2.0
  • Our Services Management Platform related to Web 2.0 technologies
  • Goals for 2009 and the global connection
  • Different roles in innovation processes

..Market Intelligence..: "Media - Events Procurecon 2008, Las Vegas...

Beroe satisfies the information needs of Fortune 500 companies across various commodities and services.

ProcureCon is the direct and indirect strategic sourcing event for manufacturers, featuring a 40+ speaker faculty and attracting approximately 200 procurement directors/VP/CPOs from Fortune 1000 companies. The 2008 summit at Las Vegas, focuses on aligning the procurement efforts and metrics to the CEO/CPO/CFO corporate agenda.

Beroe Inc will be showcasing all of its services as an exhibitor and will share its success stories at the conference. Vel Dhingaravel CEO, Beroe Inc will speaking on 'Integrating Market Intelligence into Your Strategic Sourcing Process to Unlock Value' on day three."

I wrote on Linked in a long time ago...

KK-Net operates in the fields of Enterprise 2.0 and Virtual Organizations, distributed global innovation and co-creation, content development, large screen displays and public-private interactive information networks, business development of small and medium size companies with international operations.

That was several years ago...

We're now ready to apply the networking expertise for Corporate Change Management. Our network website is under construction and should be ready 1.1.2009 for public release.

We connect...
  1. Scandinavia Supply Chain and Logistics Network
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Orkut (strong in India)
  5. Facebook
  6. Twitter (not yet)
I continue to read the website...

Research Process

Beroe strives to make its reports actionable and specific to individual client needs. Our philosophy is to be more than just a research company.

What sets Beroe's research apart?

Primary Research:

Beroe's data is predominantly collected through direct contact with industry experts. Beroe has a wide network of more than 400 experts across the globe.

70% of the information in our reports come from primary sources.
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