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We started tweeting today: "missusP on a Board call for Boston Marketing Association. We're coming back strong in 2009 - good for networking in a downturn; stay tuned."

I wrote: digitalvillages @missusP What are you doing to manage networking in a downturn. I'm curious, keep me informed. Wish you success!

A few minutes later, I asked: digitalvillages What will the US CTO do? Will that person be tweeting the ideas and strategies to the microbloggers and microbubblers?

Christine Perkett - BusinessWeek: "Christine Perkett
  • Chief Executive, PerkettPR
  • Following: 1,342
  • Followers: 1,477
  • Favorites: 70
  • Updates: 3,732
Favorite Twitter user to follow: Ann Handley, chief content officer of MarketingProfs

How Twitter helps her run PerkettPR: 'We tweet about our own industry insights, technology, PR, and more—and people have been receptive and responsive. We feel we've earned a new respect as communications professionals in this way. We've had the advantage of receiving 'first mover information'—benefiting both our agency and our clients—by connecting with reporters who often tweet about what their stories are going to be before anyone else knows about them (like this one!) and analysts/influencers—some of whom have shared early insights into reports or other important information that they only offered to their Twitter followers.'

Recent tweet: 'Have you seen a Facebook campaign that was just outstandingly awesome? Any brand that has done a great job promoting through Facebook?'"
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