The Foresight Seminar 2008 at Finlandia Hall

We returned back from Helsinki one hour ago. Today Olli Kallio and myself participated in the TIVIT Foresight seminar 2008. The seminar was informative and there were tons of ideas about what we should do to become even more competitive in the future.
  1. The TiVIT work has started (Reijo Paananen)
  2. Curren programs and directions (Pauli Kuosmanen)
  3. Future Internet (Reijo Juvonen)
  4. Flexible Services (Petri Vuorimaa)
  5. Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem (Petri Liuha)
  6. Cooperative Traffic ICT (Hannu Hakala)
  7. Academy of Finland (Juha Latikkala)
  8. Sitra (Ossi Kuittinen)
  9. FinPro (Hanna Marttinen-Deakins)
  10. Tekes (Kari Tilli)
  11. Software - dominating engineering technology (Pirkka Palomäki)
  12. Radio beyond 4G (Klaus Hugl)
  13. Media - what we can offer? (Helena Juhola)
  14. Next generation electronics (Aame Ojala)
  15. Substance discussion, questions and more proposals (Reijo Paajanen)
  16. How to proceed? (Reijo Paajanen)
The program started 08:00 and closing at 16:30. Janne Saarikko reported in Jaiku about the event. Look for details at #Seminaarikannu. We'd the opportunity to meet with a number of friends and the end result is that this nearly 60 million € program containes many elements that do match well with KK-Net services.
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