Holiday Shoppings and Reizit

I was talking with a long time friend, Armen Hareyan, about a new service with the name which is a COMMUNITY POWERED MARKETING SERVICE where people can add products they like and vote for what they like. It's like Digging!

A quick look at the sight gives me the following impression: Home | Login | Register | Live | Top User | Tag Cloud and there is a Search function.

Present Product Categories

Armen said, "It will be easy to add more categories. This is just a list of the first consumer products on Reizit."
  • Apparel
  • Shoes & Jewelry
  • Books
  • Food
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Technology
  • Tools & Auto
  • Toys & Kids
  • Sport
We spoke about "Art, Design, Craft, etc." Time will tell how consumers find this service.

Let's Digg a little deeper into the "What is Reizit?"

Reizit, is a community that helps to raise awareness about better products, gadgets and services by sharing information about those products and gadgets with the community members.

You see a cool product and think people may like it. You can submit the link of this product's sales page to thus initiating the first phase of the awareness.
Then the members of the community, if they like, vote for your product and as the submitted product recives sufficient votes and comments it is promoted to the front page for better exposure. is not about submitting news or information but links to those pages where the products and gadgets are actually sold. We hope to make Reizit a favorite destination for consumers and marketers.

One hour later, I learned about a blogger who wrote this story about Reizit. By the way, who is this blogger? Wait a second. Brian Bwisotsky, Miami, Florida, USA.

Storybook Vacations: "Holiday Shopping Woes? If you're like me and hate holiday shopping / have nightmares about it, you may want to check out Reizit. It is an online submission website that allows community members to post links to their favorite products.

Also, users can vote on whether they like or dislike a particular product. This is a great example of harnessing the power of the internet and consumer generated content. At any rate, it's a very useful way to find gift ideas. Take some time and check it out."

It looks like an excellent service for millions of small entrepreneurs who want to promote their products on Internet. My understanding is that this Community Powered Marketing Service is Free. Users don't need to pay a nickel extra for promoting or buying. I still need to learn more about how Armen Hareyan is going to monetize the service.

Below is a picture of Armen and his five year old son, Harut. I guess they are in their home town doing some traditional shopping.

"Hello Harut, this is Helge from Loviisa, Finland writing about your dad's new Internet business. I think it's a great service for small entrepreneurs around the globe. Harut, where are you in this picture?"

"We are getting ready for a dinner near a shopping mall restaurant," Armen informs me the next day.

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