ICT has been a success story in Finland

In Southwest Finland there are some 1,500 ICT companies. I learned yesterday that we've about 4,000 ICT companies in Finland with a population of 5 million people. About 1,000 new ICT's are created in the country on an annual basis. That means that we've a broad spread of startups but most of them are very small.

As far as areas outside the greater Helsinki area are concerned, the Turku-Salo region constitutes the strongest concentration of expertise in Finland. The applied ICT cluster is especially linked with
  1. healthcare
  2. maritime
  3. metal industry
  4. pharmaceutical industry
Other especially strong areas include electronics and telecommunications technology. The region is also known as a forerunner in wireless applications.

There is some concern with the size of the numerous ICT companies in this country. We've a lot of them but the big question is how to get them growing. We've an econmic downturn now, big and small companies worry about the future of their companies. Many of them are very R&D intensive. In these days, companies need to focus and direct more resources towards selling and marketing.

If you’re a business that offers a really good product or service, don’t back down on your marketing. Just because all people / clients aren’t buying, doesn’t mean no one will. New things happen in the market place. Investments are made. ICT, social media, new collaborative methods are areas that will receive spending even though the economic climate might look little gloomy for some time to come.
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