KK-Net Business Development and Success Management

KK-Net delivers Global Business Innovation for improved profitability. We're ready to support clients from any part of the world.
  • Profile Information: KK-Net –> Increasing productivity!
  • We're building a productivity Powerhouse with increased capacity and service reach in collaboration with our partners and clients
About KK-Net: We started as a market research, global field sales, marketing and business communication company but are extending our services.
  • We engage in a long-term strategic partnership and collaboration
  • Change management, renewal of processes, success formulas, internationalization
  • Biotechnology, microbiology, bioenergy and CHP (co-generation heat and power)
  • Social media and open innovation are tools in a our toolbox
  • Real estate and construction
Understanding how innovations emerge and what is needed to build successful global business operations.
  • We communicate with a global audience
  • Global collaboration comes through the KK-Network
  • Open innovation is generated on- and offline
Cost-effective business models and global collaboration, co-creation and open innovation.
  • Global networking is an enabler for a broader service concept
  • Virtual organizations as productivity tools
Organizing international operations for shortest ways to new markets and success.
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Crowd sourcing and mass customization of operations
  • The wisdom of the crowd
  • Business data mining
Working together in cross-border and cross-cultural projects on a global scale.
  • Innovations are co-created with our clients
Social Networking, Knowledge Management and Social Intelligence accumulation combined with Open Source Methodology.
  • How to move innovations to the global market
Sharing experience about what makes good ideas, excellent products and services to succeed and not to fail in the market place.
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KK-Net is a consulting company working with small and large assignments. We help SME’s and enterprises to conquer new markets. We offer crisis management and survival strategy services during the downturn that might last for several years.
  1. Productivity tools
  2. Globalization of operations
Nokia is the Finnish mobile phones giant with approx. 40 % global market share. We’re also in the Connecting People business but emphasizing 1to1, P2P, B2B, 1toM and M2M conversations.

We’re in the process of redefining our business mission and here are a few points recently discussed in our own Basecamp (internal business development platform).

KK-Net is a business productivity power house transforming knowledge, technology, social collaboration to profitable business operations.
  1. We are a people to people service provider combining dynamic young talent, experience, knowledge, new technology and social media.

  2. We help people, managers and executives to improve productivity and profitability.

  3. We help our customers to survive, prosper and expand (Win-Win): KK-Net engages in long-term partnerships with clients and partners.

  4. The customer is in focus, Social Media is a component in our toolbox, but solutions are created in a dialog of few or multiple people.

  5. KK-Net’s core competence is used to help our clients to adapt to changing needs of their clients. We assist in how to manage change, renewal, success, internationalization.

  6. Rapid action, global networking competence, flexibility, sustainability, understanding short term cash-flow needs, working for long term competitiveness.
We deliver:
  • visionary business management insight and action
  • strategical partnership for improved profitability
  • tactical support for implementation of change processes
  • social networking, crowd sourcing, open innovation
  • world wide creative collaborative insight from leading knowledge workers
  • young, modern and dynamic business evaluation and planning methods combined with long tail and crisis management experience

The core competence of KK-Net is to transform business opportunities to real success.

Best regards
Helge V. Keitel

  • www.kknet.fi
  • kknetwork.ning.com
  • Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
  • Partners: Networking partners from all over the globe
  • Phone + 458 50 309 2021
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