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Learning new things about Medical Writing.

ICR AND EMWA COLLABORATE FOR SECOND JOINT SYMPOSIUM - News Press Release | "14 January 2009 - The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is teaming up with the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) in the New Year for their second joint symposium.

The seminar, entitled: Writing Protocols – collaboration and compromise or conflict and confusion?, takes place on 24 February at Novotel London Paddington and will bring together professionals involved in protocol writing, providing a forum to discuss and debate different points of view.

The day-long symposium will feature a series of thought-provoking presentations led by industry professionals and will close with a panel discussion and question and answer session. The programme is split into a morning and afternoon session, chaired by freelance medical writer Wendy Kingdom and Adam Jacobs from Dianthus Medical Limited.

Dr John Hooper, chief executive of ICR, commented: “This i…

Wind Power Technology

Finland's wind power sector aims to find specialist niches in booming global market. The sector includes about twenty companies with a total annual turnover approaching half a billion euros. Most of these companies are specialist components suppliers, so networking and co-operation are vital.

The Wind Power Technology Group stresses the importance of collaboration with research organizations and research funders, since new markets often require innovative technical solutions.
WinwindABB and MoventasThe SwitchFinland's wind power sector depends heavily on export, but the domestic market is expected to grow as soon as the proposed feed-tariffs are introduced to ensure a guaranteed income for companies investing in wind power parks.

"Winwind Oy will invest in a new wind turbine factory to be built near the Hamina harbor on the South coast of Finland. The total value of the investment is approximately 20 million euros. The factory will employ approximately 240 persons in the fir…

KK-Net is expanding and extending Enterprise 2.0 services

I posted the below blog comment to Tuija Aalto's blog and decided to publish it here as well.

Tuija, I like to give a practical example. My idea is not to advertise on your blog, but to show a case where social media plays a central role in business development.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot that can be done to improve networking and profitable use of Web 2.0 applications and digital tools in all kinds of businesses and industries.

KK-Net provides internationalization services to small and medium size enterprises and our goal is also to help big organizations (Enterprises) to move from Enterprise 1.0 -> Enterprise 2.0.

A practical Enterprise 2.0 solution could be the use of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC), plus WebEx-videoconferencing to reach out to thousands over Internet.

* One-to-One (more cost-effective with digital tools)
* One-to-Many (TV, Radio, Web 1.0, Blogs, etc.)
* Many-to-Many (Social Engineering of the networking tools to UCC)

We are adding new resource…

Understanding economics in a downturn

The importance of improved understanding of world economics and financial issues is bigger than ever.

The global economy is awful. Capital, once abundant, is now scarce. And even so-called "safe" investments like U.S. Treasury bonds are no sure bet.

It is hard to find much in the way of positive economic news. "The double helix of the global economy-U.S. consumption and Chinese production-is coming completely unraveled. To the extent that the entire dynamic was a product of cheap money and global imbalances, you wouldn't expect it to survive a contraction in global credit. But its collapse is pretty breathtaking," writes Bill Bonner fromThe Daily Reckoning Australia.

United States:
Worst holiday shopping season in 40 yearsThe International Council of Shopping Centres in New York predicts 73,000 U.S. stores may shut in the first half of 2009Over 148,000 stores shut their doors last yearWith U.S. consumer demand collapsing, the number of Chinese factories cranking ou…