KK-Net is expanding and extending Enterprise 2.0 services

I posted the below blog comment to Tuija Aalto's blog and decided to publish it here as well.

Tuija, I like to give a practical example. My idea is not to advertise on your blog, but to show a case where social media plays a central role in business development.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot that can be done to improve networking and profitable use of Web 2.0 applications and digital tools in all kinds of businesses and industries.

KK-Net provides internationalization services to small and medium size enterprises and our goal is also to help big organizations (Enterprises) to move from Enterprise 1.0 -> Enterprise 2.0.

A practical Enterprise 2.0 solution could be the use of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC), plus WebEx-videoconferencing to reach out to thousands over Internet.

* One-to-One (more cost-effective with digital tools)
* One-to-Many (TV, Radio, Web 1.0, Blogs, etc.)
* Many-to-Many (Social Engineering of the networking tools to UCC)

We are adding new resources and are able to extend and expand our services thanks to Internet, Social Media and Web 2.0 applications. We couldn't exist without these tools.

Our focus is in areas described below on a global scale:

1. Medical electronics, healthcare, wellness
2. Energy, bioenergy, biotechnology, microbiology
3. Productivity powerhouse services to SME's
4. Trading, building bridges between supply and demand

It would be impossible to this without networking, crowdsourcing, and intelligent use of Internet.

The way we work:

1. Blogs - to communicate our ideas and thoughts to clients/audience
2. Ning - productivity powerhouse and network for knowledge workers
3. Basecamp - internal project management and open innovation
4. Facebook - resourcing friends from all over the world
6. Twitter - to tell the world that we exist (personal branding)
7. Jaiku - a great Finnish community (social engineering platform)
8. Bloggy - the Swedish Jaiku/Twitter platform
9. Wiki - could be used for open innovation to a larger extent

Growing in the downturn. We've new people on board. Macarena Pallares, BSc. Industrial Engineering, has been appointed Area Manager Latin America and Olli Kallio, MSc. Industrial Engineering, Area Manager Europe.

The main idea is to improve productivity and profitability of an organization through virtualization and networking.

Finnish companies are still very neophyte with virtualization even though we are technology freaks.

We provide Enterprise 2.0 development services in these languages:


I'll write more about virtualization of enterprises, on a daily basis on my and KK-Net's blogs. For more information go to:

* http://helgekeitel.blogspot.com/
* http://kk-net.blogspot.com/
* http://kknetwork.ning.com/

Our recommendation: If you’re a business that offers a really good product or service, don’t back down on your marketing and global sales. Just because all people / clients aren’t buying, doesn’t mean, no one will.

New things happen in the market place. The economical crisis provides new possibilities to modern, networking enterprises.

Despite the economical downturn, investments are still made. ICT, social media, new collaborative methods will receive spending even though the economic climate might look little gloomy for some time to come.
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