Wind Power Technology

Finland's wind power sector aims to find specialist niches in booming global market. The sector includes about twenty companies with a total annual turnover approaching half a billion euros. Most of these companies are specialist components suppliers, so networking and co-operation are vital.

The Wind Power Technology Group stresses the importance of collaboration with research organizations and research funders, since new markets often require innovative technical solutions.
Finland's wind power sector depends heavily on export, but the domestic market is expected to grow as soon as the proposed feed-tariffs are introduced to ensure a guaranteed income for companies investing in wind power parks.

"Winwind Oy will invest in a new wind turbine factory to be built near the Hamina harbor on the South coast of Finland. The total value of the investment is approximately 20 million euros. The factory will employ approximately 240 persons in the first phase and significantly more in the subcontractor chain," according to their home page.
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