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Mark Andreessen and Charlie Rose

Business on internet: Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose. You have to listen to this one.

Live webcast - Events - News, Views & Events - NESTA

I've to listen to this one but later while I get a customer in a few minutes. I'll also write about the Concept Store in the coming days.

Live webcast - Events - News, Views & Events - NESTA: "Live webcast. Webcast live from 08:30am.

Mac users will need the Flip4Mac plugin from the Microsoft website. In his first major speech since the publication of the interim “Digital Britain” report, Lord Carter will outline how he believes industry and government can work together to put the UK at the forefront of the global digital economy. Lord Carter will discuss the implications and recommendations of the report, and focus in particular on how to deliver the infrastructure for next generation networks and universal access to broadband. Lord Carter will then join Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media and Peter Bazalgette, British media expert for a panel discussion chaired by Jonathan Kestenbaum, NESTA's Chief Executive."

Customer Centric Marketing and Sales

The Internet has created opportunities to expand customer-centric communication and interactivity. Modern messaging must take into account customer desire and ability to interact with companies and with other consumers about marketing messages.

The five stages of customer-centric marketing. The following five steps form the basis for a customer-centric marketing and merchandising effort:
Search - Collect and analyze customer intelligenceAccess - Develop customer requirements in collaboration with the client and usersLeads - Product and process development according to customer needsExperience - Message development and delivery of collaborative experienceSolution - Feedback, Sales result, negotiation processThree practices have been, and continue to be, necessary to understand and develop
relationships with customers:
Asking and answering the right questions
Understanding and deploying communication tools
Deftly using the tools to enable the full range of communications relevant to customers…

Social Networks


Skype and Nokia hand in hand

Skype announced a partnership with Nokia in Barcelona. Nokia is still the largest cell phone maker in the world. Nokia plans to put Skype's Internet calling software onto its phones.

ZDNet Tech writes, "Nokia will initially offer Skype on its high-end smartphones, the N-series, and the N97, Nokia’s flagship device that will go on sale in June, will be the first to have the software embedded, beginning in the third quarter of 2009."

"Skype will be integrated into the N97 address book, enabling users to see when Skype contacts are online. It will also let people use Skype’s instant-messaging client. Most importantly, N97 users will be able to make free and low-cost phone calls over the Internet, whether they are on a 3G cellular network or a Wi-Fi network," continues ZDNet.

I think that's a great combination.

Newsweek about Russia

Newsweek is asking, what will happen if Russia fails?

The breadth of potential scenarios in Russia is probably greater than that of any other significantly sized country in the world. The reason for that is not that Russia is an authoritarian state, but that Russia is an authoritarian state with an extraordinary amount of power concentrated in the hands of one individual: Prime Minister Putin. Putin is probably the single most powerful individual in the world.

What will happen if Vladimir Putin doesn't succeed to maintain his power base.

He's had a pretty good ride so far: he's had his 80 percent approval rating, he's had very strong economic growth, he's had increasing geopolitical clout over the course of the last several years. But now he is facing a very serious downturn, larger than anything we've seen since the Great Depression. It is absolutely unclear in that environment that Putin is prepared to stick with the basic principles of the Russian political sys…

Recession isn't over yet

I've been checking the mood in Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers around the world. The layoffs will continue. Millions of people will loose their jobs. There isn't much talk about innovative ideas and new investments. People write about their own Darwinist survival games. It's going to be tough for thousands that have been well off in the past. It's difficult to imagine what happens to the poorest of people loosing their jobs. Not only to the individuals, their families and neighborhoods.

In China 600 000 factories have been closed. Successful companies like Microsoft are laying off people by the thousands. Japan's GNP was down by 16 per cent. But there are some good news also. Google is investing in Finland. Intel invests billions in new capacity in USA.

What do people who live on social networking sites all the time, keeping up to date on the conversation over on Jaiku, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed say about the recession, innovations, opportunities, and…

Corifey Russian web developers and web hackers at your service

Twitter brought me this information and digitalvillages already wrote to @freshmind "Hello, I see that you're tweeting from Moscow, Russia. Are you starting a new business? Welcome to"

More information is available at Corify's Web page.

Corifey Russian web developers and web hackers at your service: "Russian web developers and web hackers at your service. Corifey is a small Russian Web Development Company established in 2004. Our refined mission is to use power of social capital of knowledge-based economy to meet business challenges of our clients.

Our key expertise areas include:
Instant Messenger Integration with Web apps (new!) Custom Web Development Development and customization of open source frameworks like Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress Web consulting services (system selection, framework customization, advisory on scalable architecture and technology choice) Applying Web 2.0 social tools and new media to knowledge management and …

Jebsen & Co Ltd > About Us > Introduction

I was speaking over Skype about issues close to Jebsen today. I've to write a letter and tell more about what we do.

Jebsen & Co Ltd > About Us > Introduction: "What started over a hundred years ago as a general trading company has evolved into a focused marketing and distribution organization, deeply embedded in the industries and markets we serve. With a unique presence in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea, the Jebsen group of companies are able to offer market access to these vastly different economies in the business areas we have identified as our core competencies.

Each of our business units has acquired a high degree of specialization in order to be competent partners for our suppliers and customers alike. Each team understands their specific market and 'speaks the language' of their customers, be it FMCG, consumer durables, industrial investment goods or luxury products. This specialization in sales combined with the synergies of a larger…