Customer Centric Marketing and Sales

The Internet has created opportunities to expand customer-centric communication and interactivity. Modern messaging must take into account customer desire and ability to interact with companies and with other consumers about marketing messages.

The five stages of customer-centric marketing. The following five steps form the basis for a customer-centric marketing and merchandising effort:
  • Search - Collect and analyze customer intelligence
  • Access - Develop customer requirements in collaboration with the client and users
  • Leads - Product and process development according to customer needs
  • Experience - Message development and delivery of collaborative experience
  • Solution - Feedback, Sales result, negotiation process
Three practices have been, and continue to be, necessary to understand and develop
relationships with customers:
  1. Asking and answering the right questions
  2. Understanding and deploying communication tools
  3. Deftly using the tools to enable the full range of communications relevant to customers.
Feedback has become a continuous effort within customer-centric marketing, extending the messaging phase and conceding some marketing control to customers in the process. Marketers have to become even better listeners. We've to learn to talk with our clients.
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