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I was speaking over Skype about issues close to Jebsen today. I've to write a letter and tell more about what we do.

Jebsen & Co Ltd > About Us > Introduction: "What started over a hundred years ago as a general trading company has evolved into a focused marketing and distribution organization, deeply embedded in the industries and markets we serve. With a unique presence in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea, the Jebsen group of companies are able to offer market access to these vastly different economies in the business areas we have identified as our core competencies.

Each of our business units has acquired a high degree of specialization in order to be competent partners for our suppliers and customers alike. Each team understands their specific market and 'speaks the language' of their customers, be it FMCG, consumer durables, industrial investment goods or luxury products. This specialization in sales combined with the synergies of a larger group have allowed Jebsen to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape in the Greater China region. By consistently reinvesting in our businesses, we have created a sales, service and logistical infrastructure, supported by a common enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, that is second to none in the region. Most importantly our desire to see our staff members grow and thrive in our organization has allowed us to create a 'family-oriented' culture with a strong sense of shared vision and commitment to the Group."
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