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I've to listen to this one but later while I get a customer in a few minutes. I'll also write about the Concept Store in the coming days.

Live webcast - Events - News, Views & Events - NESTA: "Live webcast. Webcast live from 08:30am.

Mac users will need the Flip4Mac plugin from the Microsoft website. In his first major speech since the publication of the interim “Digital Britain” report, Lord Carter will outline how he believes industry and government can work together to put the UK at the forefront of the global digital economy. Lord Carter will discuss the implications and recommendations of the report, and focus in particular on how to deliver the infrastructure for next generation networks and universal access to broadband. Lord Carter will then join Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media and Peter Bazalgette, British media expert for a panel discussion chaired by Jonathan Kestenbaum, NESTA's Chief Executive."
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