Newsweek about Russia

Newsweek is asking, what will happen if Russia fails?

The breadth of potential scenarios in Russia is probably greater than that of any other significantly sized country in the world. The reason for that is not that Russia is an authoritarian state, but that Russia is an authoritarian state with an extraordinary amount of power concentrated in the hands of one individual: Prime Minister Putin. Putin is probably the single most powerful individual in the world.

What will happen if Vladimir Putin doesn't succeed to maintain his power base.

He's had a pretty good ride so far: he's had his 80 percent approval rating, he's had very strong economic growth, he's had increasing geopolitical clout over the course of the last several years. But now he is facing a very serious downturn, larger than anything we've seen since the Great Depression. It is absolutely unclear in that environment that Putin is prepared to stick with the basic principles of the Russian political system.

What will happen to Finland if we have a turmoil on the other side of the border? We don't know. Some people hope that the price of oil would rise. It would be a small price to be paid for more stability in the world. Will that happen? I've no idea!
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