Recession isn't over yet

I've been checking the mood in Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers around the world. The layoffs will continue. Millions of people will loose their jobs. There isn't much talk about innovative ideas and new investments. People write about their own Darwinist survival games. It's going to be tough for thousands that have been well off in the past. It's difficult to imagine what happens to the poorest of people loosing their jobs. Not only to the individuals, their families and neighborhoods.

In China 600 000 factories have been closed. Successful companies like Microsoft are laying off people by the thousands. Japan's GNP was down by 16 per cent. But there are some good news also. Google is investing in Finland. Intel invests billions in new capacity in USA.

What do people who live on social networking sites all the time, keeping up to date on the conversation over on Jaiku, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed say about the recession, innovations, opportunities, and new ideas? What are the most connected people talking about?

There is this executive that lost his job last year. He has spent the last couple of months tapping into online and offline networks, digging deep into social networks and their affect on business.
He maintains his Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Xing and other accounts and is now close to launching his personal blog. He thinks, the blog will be all critical in profiling him for the next new job.

Seasoned experts use their marketing experience to help friends and family members to get on track again. Coaching has become very popular in USA. People have to keep a positive and optimistic attitude in order to succeed and survive.

A good mood might be the only insurance and asset that will help you to get through these hard times.
  • To succeed, you need to be alive and inspired, ready to learn new things
  • Internet and the social media tools will help you to discover new and amazing people
  • But there is no single easy-to-use formula available: hard and persistent work is still needed
  • Social media doesn't do the job for you, yo've to be active, produce, share, listen and participate
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