Skype and Nokia hand in hand

Skype announced a partnership with Nokia in Barcelona. Nokia is still the largest cell phone maker in the world. Nokia plans to put Skype's Internet calling software onto its phones.

ZDNet Tech writes, "Nokia will initially offer Skype on its high-end smartphones, the N-series, and the N97, Nokia’s flagship device that will go on sale in June, will be the first to have the software embedded, beginning in the third quarter of 2009."

"Skype will be integrated into the N97 address book, enabling users to see when Skype contacts are online. It will also let people use Skype’s instant-messaging client. Most importantly, N97 users will be able to make free and low-cost phone calls over the Internet, whether they are on a 3G cellular network or a Wi-Fi network," continues ZDNet.

I think that's a great combination.
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