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Urban agriculture, backyard chicken coops cause flap in Vancouver

Twitter brought this news to me today. I think, this has been true in Russian cities for a long time. Nothing wrong with that.

Urban agriculture, backyard chicken coops cause flap in Vancouver: "Hard times are upon us. Little wonder, then, that urban agriculture is emerging as one of the expensive city of Vancouver's new growth industries.

This seemed like a fitting proposal: Return to city residents their right to raise chickens in their own backyards. Throw a drumstick to civil libertarians, thrifty do-it-yourselfers and poultry enthusiasts, all in one motion.

Alas, an effort to delete Vancouver's 30-year-old anti-chicken bylaw has caused a minor flap. The pro-poultry motion was brought before Vancouver city council last week, and endorsed in principle by the local health authority. But commercial chicken farmers oppose it, for obvious reasons. So does the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which fears that backyard birds might fall prey to creatures be…

Social media on the road and offline

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel I've been skeptical about the usefulness of smart phones due to the lack of proper user interface for fast typing.

However, after a few weeks hands-on experience from a Nokia E71, my mind is changing.

Flickr, OVI, Brightkite, Qaiku, Jaiku, Bambuser, Twitter, Facebook and many other sites are helping me to communicate with my friends and social network easier than I thought.

Small devices are easy to use in moving devices. I think the mobility will also lead to an increasing use of public transport.

Driving a car and socializing has many disadvantages. So, I've to change my lifestyle if I want to keep in touch while on the road.

MediaPost Publications Conventional Cause Marketing Evolves Via Social Media 03/16/2009

MediaPost Publications Conventional Cause Marketing Evolves Via Social Media 03/16/2009: "In an increasingly personalized media landscape, the surest way for brands to engage consumers is through cause marketing, according to new analysis from IPG Emerging Media Lab's team of digital experts.

That social media is the order of the day is no secret and no fad, according to Raquel Krouse, social media practice lead at IPG's Emerging Media Lab.

Indeed, from Facebook to YouTube, six of the top 10 most-trafficked Web sites in 2008 were community-based, according to IPG. 'But it has been a very tough nut to crack for marketers,' said Krouse.

In that context, she added, diverse forms of cause marketing are 'becoming very successful.'

In the United States, IPG's Lab found that 92% of consumers said they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause, while 87% said--when price and quality are equal--they are more likely to choose a bran…

Lafayette in Paris attracting customers

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel Visitors to Paris will find "exceptional 10 % discount" coupons in their hotel rooms and in various places where they move.

Big stores are spending a lot of money to get the tourist moving to their places.

What would be the alternative for smaller shop owners?

How could the use modern digital technology and gps-navigation?

Put RFID to work 13032009

Originally uploaded by Helge V. Keitel RFID and near field communication enables new store and shopping designs.

The future store concept takes advantage of

* Signage
* New display architecture
* Fresh idea bout the store environment
* Mobile devices and near field communication for interaction
* The community manager using social media to listen to needs

The community manager could interact with clients over microblogs. Brightkite is a possible platform when we can publish photos from mobile devices easily. Innovation, Evolution And Economic Change: New Ideas in the Tradition of Galbraith: Blandine Laperche, James K. Galbraith, Dimitri Uzunidis: Books

Tweeting to me: pareidoliac@digitalvillages Innovation, Evolution & Economic Change has a good discussion on this

I started a discussion about how to lead innovative processes in knowledge organizations and below is a brief information about the book @pareidoliac suggested. Innovation, Evolution And Economic Change: New Ideas in the Tradition of Galbraith: Blandine Laperche, James K. Galbraith, Dimitri Uzunidis: Books: "John Kenneth Galbraith is an eminent economist and proponent of change. The contributors to the book further his analysis on the evolution of capitalism; taking into account changes to the general economic climate since the publication of J.K. Galbraith’s main thesis, they outline new ideas which form fertile ground for new research.

The book begins with a penetrating analysis of the main features of today’s capitalism and in particular the conflict between shareholders and managers. It moves on to focus on the consequences of glo…

With Macbook Touch Rumours Come Macbook Touch Mockups - The Next Web

I wrote about the probable launch of Macbook in Kauppalehti today.

With Macbook Touch Rumours Come Macbook Touch Mockups - The Next Web: "It’s that time of the year again, when rumours begin to fly about a possible Mac tablet. This time round, there is a little more excitement and wonder in the air, particularly due to the rise in popularity of netbooks in the marketplace and whether Apple is likely to respond.

The discovery that triggered the latest round of rumours is MacRumors report on a Digitimes story that says a Taiwan-based supplier:

Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for.

Apple has denied interest in producing both a tablet and a netbook in the past, which is what they do both when they really have no interest, however they seem to also do the same when they’re about the release something. With all the rumours flying however, it is unanimously agreed, if th…

SALES formula

Originally uploaded by Wirby Network marketing is cost-effective when applied in the right way.

SEARCH for the customer needs and wants

ACCESS to people making decisions

LEADS for the sales organization