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Media Guru Micahel Wolf about the death of newspapers

Connie Reece is, according to Facebook, a communications and marketing consultant with an emphasis on social media.

She wrote the lines below about the future of printed newspapers. That's a scary vision for Finnish paper companies.

If this happens, it means not the death of the news but more paper mills have to be closed.
Media guru Michael Wolf recently stated that 80% of newspapers will disappear in 18 months. That is one (expert) opinion, but you don’t have to be a seer to know that most newspapers won’t survive, at least in their present print form, and that many magazines will disappear, shrink or decline in relevance as audiences shift, fragment. The pressure on editors and reporters to remain relevant, competitive and simply hold on to their jobs is intensifying. The news hole is very small, with simply less paper available for stories and fewer, more overworked reporters left to write them.Kathleen Mazzocco, writing in Silicon Valley Watcher: The Future Of PR When Every Com…

Consumer confidence in USA is rising

Consumer confidence in the States is at its highest level in a year. The Conference Board index rose from 26.9 to 39.2.

That's good news. If people are feeling better about the economy, that's not a bad indication.

The bad times aren't over yet. Banks are still in trouble.

Our export dependent economy has to wait for quite some time before companies start to invest in new capacity.

Finnish consumers are still buying but they are more selective and spending is going down. Advertising is low. The media companies are getting less and less money. Alma Media reported a 52 % drop in advertising revenues.

What's Cross-over?

The candidate Barack Obama did it during his campaign. Mr. Obama succeeded to get both young and white supporters and voters to his side. He got a lot of people to cross-over to his political promise for CHANGE.
His "sweetening" was supported by social media, Twitter and Facebook. He became the leader of the strongest nation in the world with the help of Internet - and effective crowdsourcing and networking.
Political parties in the Nordic countries are trying to copy Obama's ideas, toolkit and tactics.Go Internet. Open up, start interacting. Sounds easy. Get a laptop and a Blackberry [or a Nokia E71] and move into politics.
I'm looking at a documentary of Motown and come to think that Obama used to work in Chicago but Motown is Detroit? Nevertheless, he knows the culture.
I need to read more about American music mythology.Obama's ability to mobilize large groups of young people. In addition to Facebook, his people knew how to energize people with YouTube.Politicia…

You have to be authentic

Funny, it takes time to learn some essential truths of life. The recession is changing the business climate. New values are emerging and Internet has an important role in the global distribution of values.

Design, trends and brands aren't important anymore. People are looking for sustainable values.

I'll write more about this.

The Collaboration Revolution

I don't find the correct day when I wrote about the Collaboration Revolution but it must've been between 20.1.2002 and 15.12.2005. Have to improve on my paper notemaking and add a day and time stamp to what I scribble to my notebooks. There was something about "getting a 360-degree customer view."
Meetings will take place onlineWe can interact and collaborate with people far awayThe new tools are good for exchanging informationWe can distance work with colleagues, co-workers and partnersBusiness deals can be negotiated online with our clientsAs a result:
A productivity increaseCost reduction of long distance collaborationNew tools help us to streamline tasks like scheduling meetings, booking of conference rooms and distribution of documents.

Live interactive sessions can be arranged whenever parties are available.
EmailProject management toolsTime sensitive business projects easy to deal withE-meetings:
Multiple distribution channelsIntegrate customer needs and product pl…

Expand your innovation horizon

Dear Innovation Officer,

The post-recession economic world will be different from the one we happen to know now. We need to expand our innovation horizon to find the routes and means for organizational change.There is an urgent need for "Loud and Clear Talks" about the future demands within the dramatically changing global economy.We need to talk about:greenercleanerhealthiercaringcommunitytrustworthyresponsibleRadical changes are needed but they don't happen against our will. Radical change requires new ideas and those might not be available in-house. External collaboration might be a radical thought for many companies. Talking about it is just the first step, execution of disruptive thoughts into r&d and change projects will take time. A good idea is therfore to open doors and windows to let new influences and ideas flow inside.

Radical change in a flat world

The recession might change our conception about the flatness of the world, but at the same time, radical change requires new ideas:CollaborationWe've to go looking outsideNIH should not resist us to moveMove towards open environmentsOpen source expands possibilitiesGo where you get new ideasCollect ideas from outsideMaybe 100 % comes from outsideExpand external collaborationUse external knowledge sourcesOwn r&d isn't the best source of new ideasAccept it, the best ideas might be waiting for you outside

Octopus November 8, 2006

I consult old paper notebooks to find interesting ideas and talks with innovators.Mr. Eric Tai participated in a meeting in Helsinki. We discussed the micro payment system technology using rfid smart cards to pay for parking, kiosk purchases, and also to provide access to both office an home.The idea is to make daily life easier.

Your partner for success

This is my second mobile blog. I see new possibilities in the blogging while on move.I can add pictures and videos from on the spot observations and documents. This makes the reporting much more real.In economic developmentYour partner for successBuilding contactsLocal content, global distributionIdentify user requirementsExecution matters at the end of the dayCreate cool stuffIndependent thinkingIndividual value creationGlobal information data sourcingDeliver mobile communication ideas

Testing mobile blogging

First mobile blogging lines. I'll add a test picture to see how it is handled.

Wish me luck.


PS: I don't know how to turn a photo in my mobile. Need to read the manual.

How can I flip the picture? What kind of code should I add?

I can't do it on my E71 which is shame. Should I read the user manual?

Citizen Marketer 2.1: Experts in the Industry: Connie Reece (67 of 45)

I know Connie through Twitter and got this information a few minutes ago.

Citizen Marketer 2.1: Experts in the Industry: Connie Reece (67 of 45): "Wednesday, April 8, 2009. Experts in the Industry: Connie Reece (67 of 45). Is there a more colorful person in the socialsphere than Connie Reece? I got to find out in person for the first time a few weeks ago at my first Social Media Club, Austin meeting where Connie and I were able to connect in person after following each other on Twitter for a while.

In addition to colorful, Connie is also charming, funny and stoic. If you haven't met Connie yet, she's a co-founder & advisory board of the Social Media Club and founder of Every Dot Connects.

So how did such a cool and wonderful person answer the Experts in the Industry questions? Let's find out:

In one sentence, please describe what you do and why you're good at it.

I teach companies how to communicate conversationally and how to use social technologies to leverage th…

Testing how to blog with E71

Good morning, i'm testing how regular blogging works with a mobile phone.

Writing is slow and I can understand why mobiles are better for microblogging.

I might also have an attitude problem; would love to write faster.

Paper Cuts: Diligently plotting the decline of US newspapers | Media |

The future of traditional print is discussed in this blog. The situation isn't too bad in Finland yet. We're going to react with some delay.

Paper Cuts: Diligently plotting the decline of US newspapers | Media | Posted byJemima Kiss Monday 6 April 2009 13.27
Paper Cuts, alias programmer and journalist Erica Smith, has been meticulously tracking the decline of the newspaper industry in the US since April last year, aggregating trade stories and tips to plot redundancies and buyouts.

Helge: My little picture wants to tell that paper does still provide a very good and flexible "user interface" but the paper producers are still selling their bulk material without any serious attempt to compete with the Internet.

Smith updates every day - sometimes twice a day - which tells you everything you need to know about the industry's state of crisis. Ironically, Smith herself works for a local newspaper at the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

Her …

France and Lyon 10 years ago

Good morning folks, I'm on my way to Porvoo. This week has been busy.

We organize a happening where we expect over 2000 people today.

Drinking my morning coffee and reflecting back to activities in France over ten years ago.

The order fro 8 MW heating plant to Autun was completed and we returned back to Finland.

It was a joint venture and an early bird open collaboration project. I never had time to analyze what happened within that project and what made it so successful.

What happens in Porvoo today is also a result of three years of open collaboration. Big things are eyasy to make when people work smoothly together. We've 30 companies working together and everybody takes care about their owen fields of interest and responsibility.

I'll write about more about how these self-organized activities are motivated and how less management is a requirement and why command control wouldn't work at all.