The Collaboration Revolution

01042009366I don't find the correct day when I wrote about the Collaboration Revolution but it must've been between 20.1.2002 and 15.12.2005. Have to improve on my paper notemaking and add a day and time stamp to what I scribble to my notebooks. There was something about "getting a 360-degree customer view."
  • Meetings will take place online
  • We can interact and collaborate with people far away
  • The new tools are good for exchanging information
  • We can distance work with colleagues, co-workers and partners
  • Business deals can be negotiated online with our clients
As a result:
  • A productivity increase
  • Cost reduction of long distance collaboration
New tools help us to streamline tasks like scheduling meetings, booking of conference rooms and distribution of documents.

Live interactive sessions can be arranged whenever parties are available.
  • Email
  • Project management tools
  • Time sensitive business projects easy to deal with
  • Multiple distribution channels
  • Integrate customer needs and product planning operations
  • Internet removes geographical restrictions
  • Competition boundaries will change
  • Keeping customers is more competitive and complicated as ever before
  • The tech industry serves as a model for all industries, as it continuously adapts and approaches customer care in unique ways
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