Expand your innovation horizon

02042009373Dear Innovation Officer,

The post-recession economic world will be different from the one we happen to know now. We need to expand our innovation horizon to find the routes and means for organizational change.

There is an urgent need for "Loud and Clear Talks" about the future demands within the dramatically changing global economy.

We need to talk about:

  • greener
  • cleaner
  • healthier
  • caring
  • community
  • trustworthy
  • responsible

Radical changes are needed but they don't happen against our will. Radical change requires new ideas and those might not be available in-house.

External collaboration might be a radical thought for many companies. Talking about it is just the first step, execution of disruptive thoughts into r&d and change projects will take time. A good idea is therfore to open doors and windows to let new influences and ideas flow inside.

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