France and Lyon 10 years ago

TalouselamaGood morning folks, I'm on my way to Porvoo. This week has been busy.

We organize a happening where we expect over 2000 people today.

Drinking my morning coffee and reflecting back to activities in France over ten years ago.

The order fro 8 MW heating plant to Autun was completed and we returned back to Finland.

It was a joint venture and an early bird open collaboration project. I never had time to analyze what happened within that project and what made it so successful.

What happens in Porvoo today is also a result of three years of open collaboration. Big things are eyasy to make when people work smoothly together. We've 30 companies working together and everybody takes care about their owen fields of interest and responsibility.

I'll write about more about how these self-organized activities are motivated and how less management is a requirement and why command control wouldn't work at all.
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