Media Guru Micahel Wolf about the death of newspapers

Connie Reece is, according to Facebook, a communications and marketing consultant with an emphasis on social media.

She wrote the lines below about the future of printed newspapers. That's a scary vision for Finnish paper companies.

If this happens, it means not the death of the news but more paper mills have to be closed.

Media guru Michael Wolf recently stated that 80% of newspapers will disappear in 18 months. That is one (expert) opinion, but you don’t have to be a seer to know that most newspapers won’t survive, at least in their present print form, and that many magazines will disappear, shrink or decline in relevance as audiences shift, fragment. The pressure on editors and reporters to remain relevant, competitive and simply hold on to their jobs is intensifying. The news hole is very small, with simply less paper available for stories and fewer, more overworked reporters left to write them.

Kathleen Mazzocco, writing in Silicon Valley Watcher: The Future Of PR When Every Company Is Now A Media Company

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