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01042009349The future of traditional print is discussed in this blog. The situation isn't too bad in Finland yet. We're going to react with some delay.

Paper Cuts: Diligently plotting the decline of US newspapers | Media | Posted by Jemima Kiss Monday 6 April 2009 13.27 BST
Paper Cuts, alias programmer and journalist Erica Smith, has been meticulously tracking the decline of the newspaper industry in the US since April last year, aggregating trade stories and tips to plot redundancies and buyouts.

Helge: My little picture wants to tell that paper does still provide a very good and flexible "user interface" but the paper producers are still selling their bulk material without any serious attempt to compete with the Internet.

Smith updates every day - sometimes twice a day - which tells you everything you need to know about the industry's state of crisis. Ironically, Smith herself works for a local newspaper at the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

Her 2009 map plots 7,979 job losses, and she notes that that's a conservative estimate because some companies don't release exact figures. Smith's latest chart plots the trend of newspapers moving to be web only, so expect this one to grow significantly as the recession continues to bite."
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