What's Cross-over?

The candidate Barack Obama did it during his campaign. Mr. Obama succeeded to get both young and white supporters and voters to his side. He got a lot of people to cross-over to his political promise for CHANGE.

His "sweetening" was supported by social media, Twitter and Facebook. He became the leader of the strongest nation in the world with the help of Internet - and effective crowdsourcing and networking.

Political parties in the Nordic countries are trying to copy Obama's ideas, toolkit and tactics.

Go Internet. Open up, start interacting. Sounds easy. Get a laptop and a Blackberry [or a Nokia E71] and move into politics.

I'm looking at a documentary of Motown and come to think that Obama used to work in Chicago but Motown is Detroit? Nevertheless, he knows the culture.

I need to read more about American music mythology.

Obama's ability to mobilize large groups of young people. In addition to Facebook, his people knew how to energize people with YouTube.

Politicians elsewhere are desperately trying to learn how to do it. Not an easy task. Building the support teams with enough people doesn't happen with a snap of your great leadership fingers.

Command and control doesn't work. You've to learn to communicate with people. Start with your own YouTube and Podcasts. But, there are a lot of copycats all around you. Be aware that the next Obama has to do something very different.

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