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Microtechnology includes a vast range of manufacturing techniques at submillimetric scale, i.e. the size of the micrometer or a micron, one thousandth of a millimeter.Michromechanis, the manufacture of minuscule, extreme precision parts, destined for extremely complex tools. CaptorsMicro-opticsEndoscopy micro camerasMEMS micro electromechanical systemsActuatorsTransmittersComprehensive microchips that can be inserted into clothes and packaging and become indispensable in the field of traceability, theft detection, best before by dates, etc.

The Google CEO talks to students at Carnegie Mellon

Eric Schmidt’s talk to the audience, which he refers to as the ‘Facebook and Google generation’, is basically about the past, present and future of technology, how quickly and profoundly cultural habits change and how important it is to ‘live in the future’.

Surprisingly, Schmidt seems to mention services like Twitter and Facebook more often than Google products.

Source: TechCrunch

Working with Mobile Solutions

Working with new mobile solutions.
Future Store ConceptSecurity arrangementsTalking WallsTravel InformationLarge Screen SignageMobile Innovation ManagementMobile Open SourceCo-CreationComputing everywhereThere has been a shift in how businesses look at the investments they make. Long gone are the days of large budgets with little oversight. To succeed, we need to come out with:
New affordable productsNew low cost servicesNew innovationsFast solutions to complex problems