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Web 2.0 for the public good

Web 2.0 is a world in which public assets assemble themselves with no central funding from government. Take a look at the launch speech.

Building Automation

We're searching for two persons. One for Germany an a second area manager for France. Preferred locations are Berlin and Paris. They should have a good knowledge about systems integrators in the field and the ability to build collaborative customer relationships for cusomized supply of solutions.Potential starting points could be in building projects at hospitals, hotels, offices, electronics manufacturing, theater, music halls, etc.The person should have an engineering degree, sufficient field experience, good English language management - in addition to fluent national language skill. Technical trainingProduct trainingWriting of proposalsTechnical supportCRM of projectsLON systems integratorsCollaboration skillsSocial skillsTechnical creativitySelf Management

Building Automation in France

We're looking for systems integrators and individual specialists in the field of building automation measurement technology in France. The measurement and control devices designed and manufactured by our supplier are modern, installation friendly and of good quality. Technical innovations of our products have become a standard for the measurement devices.

Our starting point would be Paris and its surroundings. On a longer term, we plan for a more extended network in France.

We talk about products and a service concept that has become familiar to the building automation professionals for the last 20 years. Modern building, increase of automation, national and European standards have raised the demand of necessary measurements.

The active product development and co-operation with customers has created an extensive product family to the growing needs of the building automation market. Technical design, fastening and installation solutions and the multiple measurement ranges of the tran…

Jonathan Robinson Video

Jonathan Robinson is an anthropologist, writer and entrepreneur. Jonathan is co-founder and Director of the Hub. Jonathan has written the book 'careers un-ltd' published by the penguin group, design...

Apple to Aquire Twitter for 700M - TriStar Forums

This is probably only a rumor. There was anohter estimation that Twitter was valued at 1,2 billion dollars. Not bad for a microbroadcasting site.

Apple to Aquire Twitter for 700M - TriStar Forums: "Apple is rumored to be in talks with Twitter high-ups to acquire the free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read others' tweets (updates). According to a ValleyWag report, a senior Apple insider told the site that, “Apple and Twitter are in serious negotiations, with the goal of unveiling a deal by June 8, when Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference launches in San Jose.”

The report continues to outline that, “Twitter turned down a $500 million offer in cash and stock from Facebook, in part because Twitter's investors couldn't agree on whether Facebook's stock was worth as much as Facebook said it was. But Apple could easily pay cash.”

Citing “a source familiar with the thinking of Twitter's board,” ValleyWag c…

The making of a movie

We have a million options conserning the content. That's a big part of the initial problem. What do I want to tell? What's my story?I want to see how far we can go this summer. We certainly get started and this blog is about putting some pressure on ourself.The background stuff is ready. We've alot of material. It has to be compressed into a few minutes of video.Today, during the photo walk I did find the perfect stairs. we could do some test videos next week.

Nokia N97 Assembly

Nokia shows the manufacturing of the N97 in its Salo, Finland factory. We don't see the whole process and almost none of the automation and high-speed assembly. This is, however, a historical video where Nokia opens its manufacturing doors. What do you read in this video?

This comment by hyundaixl (2 hours ago) June 3, 2009 is very revealing. Nokia shows a lot of hands working with the phones. Does that explain the high cost? "my thoughts exactly! I was expecting a lot more automated assembly considering the micro-precision involved in these phones... *looks nervously at my new nokia*, writesn hyundaixl.

Understanding the mind of consumers

I’m all for people being passionate about what they believe. The design of new services isn't easy during economic slowdown and downright recession.

This is especially true with the Internet.

Whatever new is created, we need to understand about the mind of the customer, which is where the marketing battles take place.
Lack of differentiation continues to grow and this is a dangerous trend

What’s missing is what used to be called a USP = unique selling propositionMention products and services that are strongly differentiated from the competition. In USA, I'm advised to Think about Toyota or Apple.
App Store is a service success storyApple understood the need of customersThey created a service people are villing to pay forService has been an under-valued business fieldService has been considered as a b-class workIndustrial companies have to embrace the service ideaFirst, we've to create and build a serviceSecond, we've to price the services and make sure we can deliver on …