Understanding the mind of consumers

I’m all for people being passionate about what they believe. The design of new services isn't easy during economic slowdown and downright recession.

This is especially true with the Internet.

Whatever new is created, we need to understand about the mind of the customer, which is where the marketing battles take place.
  • Lack of differentiation continues to grow and this is a dangerous trend

  • What’s missing is what used to be called a USP = unique selling proposition
Mention products and services that are strongly differentiated from the competition. In USA, I'm advised to Think about Toyota or Apple.
  • App Store is a service success story
  • Apple understood the need of customers
  • They created a service people are villing to pay for
  • Service has been an under-valued business field
  • Service has been considered as a b-class work
  • Industrial companies have to embrace the service idea
  • First, we've to create and build a service
  • Second, we've to price the services and make sure we can deliver on a global scale
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