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Greentech Media about building automation

I'm scanning Twitter about people in the field of building automation and stumbled upon this site tweeted by AsiaParagon.

Greentech Media: "Michael Kanellos | July 23, 2009 at 1:22 PM | In Building Automation, A Quiet Giant Awakens

If you are in the building automation market, here is something to look for in the next several months:

A large Asian company is preparing a building automation system based around standard IP technology. The system essentially consists of wireless sensor nodes that will do things like monitor temperature, motion, occupancy etc. Facilities managers can hook them into networks to automatically change thermostat settings or, later down the road, control lights in an effort to curb energy consumption in business.

Large Asian companyBuilding automationStandard IP TechnologyConsists of wireless sensor nodesMonitor temperature, motion, occupancyThermostat settingsControl lightsCurb energy consumption

The products will come by the first half of 2010, accordin…

Energy ETC, Inc - Smart Energy Efficiency

I Search on Twitter who is into building automation and smart buildings. Below is one result of my research. It also verifies the fact that Twitter can be used for real-time business information research.

Energy ETC, Inc - Smart Energy Efficiency: "Energy ETC provides building automation and energy management solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into a customers existing IP infrastructure to create a fully converged network. We design and install state of the art, open, non-proprietary systems that can be easily accessed and controlled via the internet.

Our Engineering Team has over 70 years of building automation and energy management experience. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to solve unique and challenging control problems.

Whether your goal is to reduce your operating costs, make your building occupants more comfortable and healthy, or to help our planet stay healthy by utilizing 'green' practices, we can help. In fact we can show you how t…

About | How to Architect

I enjoyed watching the video about architecture on Doug's site. It's a creative and inspiring work but can be a horrible business.

About | How to Architect: "Doug is a registered architect who has worked in the field since 1993. He specializes in high-end residential architecture and has been published in a variety of professional journals and magazines.

He has worked on projects that have received American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Builders Awards in residential architecture.

He has architecture degrees from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also taught at the Pennsylvania State University.

In addition to his architectural training, Doug is Co-Founder of RootPhi, LLC a product development company. He is also an accomplished artist and painter who has sold his artist prints throughout the country. Doug’s experience in architecture and his enthusiasm for product development have given birth to a…

Building automation for churches

They are renovating the Kerimaki church which happens to be the world's largest wooden church.

Modern building automation and sprinkler systems should play a central role in a renovation scheme.

In addition, continuous video survival should have a place in very valuable buildings.

Manufacturers of fire, security and communication equipment are probably involved.

Planning for Batimat 09

Looking for partners in the field of the building automation.

Focusing on Batimat 09 in Paris this year. Here are some Echelon building automation stories.

We look for someone familiar with building automation systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Energy management controls cut operating costs, save energy, and help provide a comfortable work environment.

The person should be ready to understand and work with a wide variety of versatile and convenient control relays and current sensors to fit almost any application including both hardwired and power line carrier applications.

Good knowledge about commercial air conditioning equipment and systems that are used in buildings of all sizes and types, from small specialty stores to high rise office buildings.

Partnering with a company with the capability to engineer and manufacture custom solutions for a diverse range of.

Unboxed - Crowdsourcing Works, When It’s Focused -

Unboxed - Crowdsourcing Works, When It’s Focused - "FEW concepts in business have been as popular and appealing in recent years as the emerging discipline of “open innovation.” It is variously described as crowdsourcing, the wisdom of crowds, collective intelligence and peer production — and these terms apply to a range of practices.

The overarching notion is that the Internet opens the door to a new world of democratic idea generation and collaborative production. Early triumphs like the Linux operating system and the Wikipedia Web encyclopedia are seen as harbingers.

In the new model, innovation is often portrayed as a numbers game. The more heads, the better — all weighing in, commenting, offering ideas. Collective knowledge prevails, as if a force of egalitarian inevitability.

But a look at recent cases and new research suggests that open-innovation models succeed only when carefully designed for a particular task and when the incentives are tailored to attract the …

Your customers are mobile

Your customers are always on the move. So how do you reach them with valuable information, when they want to receive it?You need a mobile Internet service, and fast. The ability to communicate directly with your partners, friends, and customers by exchanging messages with mobile phones.This was a vision 2000 and more or less a reality 2009.

Building Automation Computer Networking Solutions - Lantronix

Building Automation Computer Networking Solutions - Lantronix: "An intelligent building automation system enables a facilities manager to better manage resources, improve building safety, and reduce energy costs. With Lantronix building automation technology, an intelligent building can be created, allowing managers to control virtually every system from a central location.

Helge: Control!

By network-enabling electronic devices quickly and cost-effectively, Lantronix building automation products make it possible to integrate building sub-systems (including security, HVAC, lighting, elevators and safety systems) into a single, efficient building management network. For example, the facilities manager at a large corporate campus can control everything from electrical and water metering to building access from a single terminal, and can even diagnose system problems remotely.

Example Applications:

* Building access controls
* HVAC controls
* Lighting controllers
* Elevators
* Irrigatio…

BATIMAT: International Building Exhibition - Paris - France - Confabb

BATIMAT: International Building Exhibition - Paris - France - Confabb: "Description. As a dynamic manufacturer in the building industry, you would like to present your expertise and innovations to craftsmen, project owners, specifiers and traders.

Helge: We're looking for partners in the field of Building Automation Systems.

You can empower your commercial strategy with a unique tool – BATIMAT -, the world’s largest international building exhibition. It is the perfect opportunity for meeting industry professionals in an Exhibition area entirely devoted to your specific branch of activity.

Helge: Someone with relationships with systems integrators.

If you wish to promote your company, establish new commercial contacts or consolidate your position as key player, then contact us
Location: Paris Expo - Porte de VersaillesParis, FranceDate: Nov 2-7, 2009

Architecture Design and Building in Germany 01 - Places - ArchitectureWeek Online Library

Architecture Design and Building in Germany 01 - Places - ArchitectureWeek Online Library: "MERCEDES-BENZ BUILDING | With the bulging prow of its aluminum and glass skeleton looming beside the fast lanes of Highway B14 in Stuttgart, Germany, the new Mercedes-Benz Museum lives up to the German automaker's refined engineering image. On entering the structure designed by the Dutch firm UN Studio, visitors ascend eight stories to the top, then wind down twin ramps through a collection of 160 vehicles displayed over 178,000 square feet (16,500 square meters) of exhibition space. — Published 2006.0830"

Batimat 2009, Paris

Batimat 2009: "The Biggest Construction Industry Event Batimat, the international building exhibition, with its 7 sectors, almost 135,000 sqm of net exhibition space and 48 countries represented, is a unique opportunity to meet industry players from all over the world.

Above all, it is also an extremely effective springboard for promoting your business, new products and innovations.

In 2009, Batimat will further develop its role as an international showcase for building innovations and trends and as a business booster to help exhibitors to generate even more useful leads."