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I enjoyed watching the video about architecture on Doug's site. It's a creative and inspiring work but can be a horrible business.

About | How to Architect: "Doug is a registered architect who has worked in the field since 1993. He specializes in high-end residential architecture and has been published in a variety of professional journals and magazines.

He has worked on projects that have received American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Builders Awards in residential architecture.

He has architecture degrees from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also taught at the Pennsylvania State University.

In addition to his architectural training, Doug is Co-Founder of RootPhi, LLC a product development company. He is also an accomplished artist and painter who has sold his artist prints throughout the country. Doug’s experience in architecture and his enthusiasm for product development have given birth to a number of successful business and product ventures. You can follow Doug on Twitter. Enjoy the videos and Subscribe!"
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