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Building Automation Computer Networking Solutions - Lantronix: "An intelligent building automation system enables a facilities manager to better manage resources, improve building safety, and reduce energy costs. With Lantronix building automation technology, an intelligent building can be created, allowing managers to control virtually every system from a central location.

Helge: Control!

By network-enabling electronic devices quickly and cost-effectively, Lantronix building automation products make it possible to integrate building sub-systems (including security, HVAC, lighting, elevators and safety systems) into a single, efficient building management network. For example, the facilities manager at a large corporate campus can control everything from electrical and water metering to building access from a single terminal, and can even diagnose system problems remotely.

Example Applications:

* Building access controls
* HVAC controls
* Lighting controllers
* Elevators
* Irrigation
* Life safety controls

Since it represents such a significant percentage of a building’s cost, intelligent management of HVAC systems is critical for keeping energy consumption under control. Lighting and irrigation systems are also responsible for a great deal of energy usage. Device networking these systems can lead to a dramatic decrease in energy consumption, greatly reducing overall cost.

Helge: Device networking!

When it comes to building safety, real-time remote system communication is extremely important. The ability to proactively diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems with elevators is an obvious benefit. If an alarm is triggered, the facilities manager can immediately tap in remotely and see what’s going on. Our device servers can even help manage the panning and tilting of surveillance cameras – yet another way Lantronix can contribute to building safety!

Companies like Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) already benefit from incorporating Lantronix device servers into their building automation solutions.

Helge: Siemens. That could indicate that München isn't a bad location at all.

Siemens Building Technology (SBT) offers a solution that helps college and corporate campuses regulate multiple heating and cooling systems, increasing their customers’ productivity and reducing their overall facilities costs. SBT selected Lantronix device servers for their easy integration into its product offering, competitive pricing and ability to scale over time to fit customer needs."

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