Energy ETC, Inc - Smart Energy Efficiency

I Search on Twitter who is into building automation and smart buildings. Below is one result of my research. It also verifies the fact that Twitter can be used for real-time business information research.

Energy ETC, Inc - Smart Energy Efficiency: "Energy ETC provides building automation and energy management solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into a customers existing IP infrastructure to create a fully converged network. We design and install state of the art, open, non-proprietary systems that can be easily accessed and controlled via the internet.

Our Engineering Team has over 70 years of building automation and energy management experience. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to solve unique and challenging control problems.

Whether your goal is to reduce your operating costs, make your building occupants more comfortable and healthy, or to help our planet stay healthy by utilizing 'green' practices, we can help. In fact we can show you how to do all of this at the same time!"
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