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Call for Papers « OPEN 2009

I got this Call for Papers « OPEN 2009 from Petri Kola. "OPEN 2009" - Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki | November 5.–6., 2009 | Helsinki, Finland

What does this mean for ...

... organizations?
... consumers?
... citizens?
... research?
... business?
... design?
... culture?
... art?
... society?
... environment?
... you/me/us/everyone else?

Here is more about "OPEN 2009" - Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium focuses on the role of openness in a post-industrial society. The central argument goes as follows: Coupled with the continuous development of an open network infrastructure, new ways of organismic, communicating and collaborating are rapidly changing the lives of people globally. The efficiency and resilience of these practices is bringing them from the periphery of the society towards its center. Thus far, software development and media are areas where new organizational forms have been able to out-compete more tradition…

Open Innovation

Working with a structured approach to open innovation, co-creation, and global collaboration.
Industrial products, innovations, and services are always created in subcultures. Market Penetration is followed by Dedicated and finally we move towards Saturation.

Social media can be used to socialize or adapt a product to a new culture, national market or subculture.

Social engineering can be used to understand the differences of product development subculture and the new environment where we want to adapt it.

If we don't socialize and adapt our product or service to the new market, culture or environment, the not invented here (NIH) is a valid and understandable reaction.

Service Design is a useful tool for personalization of a product + service promise to a new culture, country, user / market segment.

Open Innovation is a practical way of producer - consumer - client service improvement. If we don't do the "prosumer adaption" we should expect product rejection comparable to … First look at Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900

The initial reactions have been positive. Nokia had to do this, the rumors about an Apple miniMac with 3G is luring around the corner. They had to do something to the OS as well. First look at Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900: "Please note - This article is nothing but our first impressions of the device and some musings about what's going to happen. The N900 itself has reached the stage when most of its elements are operable, so we decided we could publish this lowdown. Just one more remark, had it not been for so many leaks regarding the N900 you wouldn't have seen this write-up in the first place. But alas, Nokia have failed to keep their main 2009 announcement in secret, so here we go.


If you are not a frequent reader of you might ask how come Nokia decided to put aside its favorite S60 platform and switch to Maemo, which is all another way of saying that they ditched S60 for Linux OS. As most of you know, until recently Maemo ha…

The software industry

Something new has come up. The Finnish software industry has to change.

Nokia had great plans about new services and the OVI platform. This week they announced the cooperation with Microsoft. That's a defensive action.

Nokia has to do things fast to compete in the enterprise market against Apple and Google.

But what will happen to Finnish software producers? What will happen to them when the mobile giant stops using national resources?

Technomen is one of the companies that has succeeded to create own and independent software products and services. I remember from Kauppalehti that their turnover is 15 million euro.

What can we do with social media

I have no idea how many blog postings I've written since I started. There is no time for festivities or celebrations even though I'm returning back from a somewhat lazy summer vacation in Sotkamo, Kainuu, Finland.

Various forms of presence in the blogosphere is a necessity, even though the global economic situation doesn't motivate businesses and consumers to do Shopping like crazy online.

We've to be patient and work for the long term. Better times will come. Now we need to learn how to innovate and create new business models together. The picture should symbolize the idea of collaboration and co-creation.

New gift wrapping featured are needed to get people back to the spending mode.

I hope to make my net presence just a little bit smarter and more personal. Summer is a distraction. I did however have some spare time for Facebook which is is a great phone book. FB is useful, You can look at other people's profiles and try to figure out what they might need in a not su…

Interclima+Elec,2010,Paris,France,Building Construction Material Equipment and Sanitaryware Trade Shows & Events.

Interclima is an alternative or extension to Batimat. We've been to Interclima and it could be a part of our next years program. It's a much smaller exhibition.

Interclima+Elec,2010,Paris,France,Building Construction Material Equipment and Sanitaryware Trade Shows & Events.: "Start Date: 09-FEB-10 End Date: 12-FEB-10

Venue: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
Place de la Porte de Versailles, Paris.
City / Country: Paris, France
Industry: Building Construction
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions
Exhibitors: 350

EVENT PROFILEGeneral Enquiry
Interclima+Elec will serve as an outstanding venue for the presentation and promotion of your innovations. It will point the way to the future by reflecting and interpreting an emerging new market based on the use of smart technologies in domestic and working spaces to achieve comfort whilst respecting environmental, safety and security constraints.

HIGHLIGHTS Sponsorship Enquiry
interclima+elec home&building is held in conjunctio…

Siemens to improve energy use in U.S. government buildings - Building Automation Portal: Products, News, Articles, Application Stories, Training, Events & Resources on

Siemens is strong in Building Automation both in USA and Europe. I've to take a closer look at Siemens German language blogs and web sites.

Siemens to improve energy use in U.S. government buildings - Building Automation Portal: Products, News, Articles, Application Stories, Training, Events & Resources on "February 19, 2009 - Siemens Government Services (SGS) announced that it is one of sixteen companies to be awarded a Department of Energy (DoE) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC).

This award could result in up to $5 billion in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects at federally-owned buildings and facilities for SGS and its subcontractor, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

The federal government is the largest single user of energy in the United States and the ESPC awards demonstrate a continued commitment by the government to promote the use of renewable energy sources,…