First look at Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900

The initial reactions have been positive. Nokia had to do this, the rumors about an Apple miniMac with 3G is luring around the corner. They had to do something to the OS as well. First look at Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900: "Please note - This article is nothing but our first impressions of the device and some musings about what's going to happen. The N900 itself has reached the stage when most of its elements are operable, so we decided we could publish this lowdown. Just one more remark, had it not been for so many leaks regarding the N900 you wouldn't have seen this write-up in the first place. But alas, Nokia have failed to keep their main 2009 announcement in secret, so here we go.


If you are not a frequent reader of you might ask how come Nokia decided to put aside its favorite S60 platform and switch to Maemo, which is all another way of saying that they ditched S60 for Linux OS. As most of you know, until recently Maemo has been used exclusively in pair with Internet Tablets."
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