Open Innovation

Working with a structured approach to open innovation, co-creation, and global collaboration.
  1. Industrial products, innovations, and services are always created in subcultures. Market Penetration is followed by Dedicated and finally we move towards Saturation.

  2. Social media can be used to socialize or adapt a product to a new culture, national market or subculture.

  3. Social engineering can be used to understand the differences of product development subculture and the new environment where we want to adapt it.

  4. If we don't socialize and adapt our product or service to the new market, culture or environment, the not invented here (NIH) is a valid and understandable reaction.

  5. Service Design is a useful tool for personalization of a product + service promise to a new culture, country, user / market segment.

  6. Open Innovation is a practical way of producer - consumer - client service improvement. If we don't do the "prosumer adaption" we should expect product rejection comparable to hearth transplant rejection.

  7. Open source software development takes us to a new product adaption layer. Programming is very complex in a closed environment and "open development" leads to even bigger challenges.

  8. Personalization is needed for industrial processes and consumer gadgets. It's the core of customer orientation, but we tend to think that customers should adapt our needs.

  9. Social media and many to many networking is effective only if we have a clear and structured strategy. If not, SoMe leads to an endless loop of discussions that don't take us anywhere. Worst case of social media is talking into eternity.

  10. Ethernet is a starting point for data collection in a "thing links" environment where we need clear goals or are alternatively drowned into a stormy sea of data that can't be interpreted.

  11. Values and gaols are important tools in information society solution developments. We need them to control where we are, and where we are heading.

  12. Social media isn't an endless talking mechanism. It can be transformed into a structure productivity tool for all kinds of organizations.
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