What can we do with social media

I have no idea how many blog postings I've written since I started. There is no time for festivities or celebrations even though I'm returning back from a somewhat lazy summer vacation in Sotkamo, Kainuu, Finland.

Various forms of presence in the blogosphere is a necessity, even though the global economic situation doesn't motivate businesses and consumers to do Shopping like crazy online.

We've to be patient and work for the long term. Better times will come. Now we need to learn how to innovate and create new business models together. The picture should symbolize the idea of collaboration and co-creation.

New gift wrapping featured are needed to get people back to the spending mode.

I hope to make my net presence just a little bit smarter and more personal. Summer is a distraction. I did however have some spare time for Facebook which is is a great phone book. FB is useful, You can look at other people's profiles and try to figure out what they might need in a not such a distant future.

Any effort or thought that can lead to new customer relations is worth to give a try. I will write more about "what you want" and "how I think about your future business opportunities". Is that of value for you?

I'm happy for all new clients paying for my time and our services. I see that more companies are looking for social media advice. We can help them with "Where to put their content out". The social media sphere isn't a small group of people anymore. Ignoring is the same as saying goodbye to valuable business opportunities.

The numbers are growing and the web 2.0 is the way to get your information out to a global audience at a relatively low cost. If you don't count the time you've to spend writing, podcasting, videocasting and sending out photographs.

Twitter is a practical tool for online PR. But are we getting the time and money invested back someday? What is the return on time invested? Should I keep asking these questions or just continue doing it. We don't ask things like is breathing worth while and does it pay back one day.

Years ago, when I started blogging, I thought, this is something you should be doing. Evrey blog posting starts with an empty white sheet [or screen] when you put the ideas together and make the story flow.

Sometimes I use notebooks where I try to get the talking or writing points together. Nevertheless, I continue to be amazed how difficult it is to make really personal and compelling postings.
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