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The news has been cofirmed. I already asked on Twitter, what do I get if I sign up to Dopplr? It's a new service again. What are the possibilities that I'll like it?

Dopplr Blog » Blog Archive » Nokia Acquires Dopplr: "Nokia Acquires Dopplr

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Dopplr has been acquired by Nokia. Nokia shares our vision of the Social Atlas, the idea that social location data can improve our experience of cities.

To see where people on Dopplr go, you can visit the Shepherdess in London, Hakaniemen Halli in Helsinki, or the Hotel on Rivington in New York. We like these places, and we trust you’ll like them too.

The acquisition does not change the current Dopplr service which is available at and on platforms where Dopplr is integrated, like Flickr and Twitter. As always, if you so wish, you can get a copy of your data from your account."
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