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Mindtrek/FinNode Strategy Event | MindTrek: "Enterprise Social Collaboration - Why Companies Need To Take Action.

Helge: I've to check for my own participation.

In collaboration with FinNode USA (Finpro & Tekes) we are happy to present to you an in-depth look at how Enterprise Social Collaboration is changing the how enterprises do business as well as the opportunities for Finnish Technology companies within this space.

Helge: I'm interested.

We have lined up a top-notch speaker from the US, David Coleman, author of “Collaboration 2.0” and “42 Rules for Successful Collaboration”, as well as various Finnish thought leaders to share their views and insights in a lively debate during the seminar.

Helge: Yes! for collaboration.

FinNode USA, in collaboration with Collaborative Strategies and Elearning! Magazine conducted a survey of enterprises in the US and Finland to see what the adoption and usage of social networks, online communities and collaboration technologies are within these companies. The study also included in-depth interviews with various leading organizations in the industry that have already implemented successful Enterprise Social Collaboration projects within their organizations.

Helge: Ahaa!

For a brief review of the study, please refer to the fireside chat video with Pekka Pärnänen and David Coleman. The study will be available for download on www.finnode.com as of 1 Oct 2009."

Helge: I'll check it out.

FinNode Studies Successful Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Strategies from Mark Addison on Vimeo.

Click the note above to get to Vimeo to see the video. I'll check how to get the right to show it here.
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