Finnish Society of Future Studies 2009

What kind of people are interested about Finnish Future Studies? We all have  good reasons to work for a better future through the choices each of us makes, but how well do people outside our borders know what we are working with?

Are we receiving the attention we are hoping for?

According to a recent innovation climate study, we've limited availability of competitive early stage venture capitalists reduces the attractiveness of the environment for potential growth entrepreneurs. What should be done to make Finland more attractive for foreign investors?

Everybody is interested in what the future of mankind will be. Globalization of Finnish enterprises is dramatically challenged during the on-going recession. One advice is, we need much more multicultural and cross-border collaboration.

It has been argued that the allegedly alternative supply of angel finance (Mason & Harrison, 2003) in Finland is rather limited, or at the very least not easily tapped by the large majority of potential entrepreneurs including those with high education and business experience.

What should be done to make Finland more attractive for foreign investors and experienced business people?

The Finnish Society for Future Studies was established in 1980 on the recommendations of the government's Central Board of Research Councils. How much is FSC focusing and studying on external development impulses? 

I visited the FSC yesterday and you can learn more about the idea of my visit here.
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