More off-line than online

Less blogging, more thinking. I've been spending several weeks of effective off-line work.

It has been a good change for a while. My blogs are certainly not going to change the world.

They might change my own life: that's a realistic goal.

The economic crisis isn't over yet. Dubai World is almost bankrupt. What will happen if it collapses.

Iran is heading towards a conflict with the rest of the world. What are the leaders going to do?

Finland is trying to improve, rebuild or energize its global brand. I guess, ten years from now, we are going to be just as unknown as we are today. We're not in a potential conflict zone. There is one visible global company - Nokia - and all the others are small and doing their job.

Finnish politics doesn't interest anyone and that's a great thing in my opinion. We're a great example of a NO BRAND incorporation. Let's continue with that track.
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