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L’album du futur

I did buy the tabloid size book L’album du futur from a bookshop in Bordeaux 1994.  There are some interesting passages that are still valid. The content starts with Le Climat.The Climate Conference in Copenhagen didn’t lead to anywhere. Politicians, scientists and world leaders didn’t decide about anything but felt they were moving “a step forward”.My personal opinion, the globe and its people are struggling about how to grasp the future. Today, we’d a tragic incidence at the Sello market center: six people dead! But life continues. Problems continue to exist, but life isn’t easy on this globe. Some go nuts, some have it easier. My condolences to all the victims. Have a Good New Year 2010!

Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki 13.1.2010

The innovation train starts at 6:30 am January 13, 2010. We’ve fifteen days to wait until the departure.

Is anybody from Oulu reading this or following the discussions in Qaiku.

Janne Saarikko wrote today that 47 tickets have been delivered and now it’s important for all the participants to be on time at the Helsinki railway station.

A small group will step on the train in Tampere. I haven’t yet decided if I travel from Loviisa to Helsinki early in the morning or if I leave from Kajaani to Helsinki the night before. The third alternative would be to spend my night in Espoo.

What are we expecting from this trip? What are the seven sponsors waiting for? Some of the problems to be solved have already been presented. Some will be disclosed during the first hours on the train.

There will be an extensive documentation of what happens during this trip. It will be a starting point towards something new.

The Innovation train: Sesilia, 11 years, winner of Logo competition

The winner of Innovation Train Logo-competition is Sesilia, 11 years. T-shirts are available from this shop: innovation train departs from Helsinki according to schedule to be found here: (Departure 6:30 Helsinki, arriving to Oulu at 12:22 Returning 17:40 from Oulu and back in  Helsinki 23:36).Information about Sponsors here:

Apple will come out with a new Tablet

Apple will come out with a new Tablet that will be competing with Kindle, according to Twit.The user interface will provide more interactivity. We can probably read more than books.Is this is going to be the last Steven Jobs project? Insiders seems to know that this project has been going on for years.The presentation of this new device will take place at the Apple Event in January 2010.How long will the battery last? For weeks. Are we going to see something that can be used to read more than books?Smaller, faster and cheaper technology devices will be available. We can share video and rich media with new smaller devices. Stuff will emerge in amazing ways. We can store data in even smaller space.

Safe Building Automation in Berlin and Germany

I’m looking for Building Automation experts in Berlin. It could be a person or a company. The intention is to build a business relationship with a Finnish building automation components supplier. Someone with the ability to operate as B2B partner supporting building automation systems integrators.Below some examples of HIMA Building Automation at various locations in Germany. References - Structural engineeringOlympia Stadium - Germany: BerlinRailway Station Lehrte - Germany: BerlinMarriott Hotel - Germany: BerlinShopping center Schloßgalerie  - Germany: BerlinBoehringer Ingelheim - Germany: IngelheimFRAPORT Airport - Germany: FrankfurtState criminal investigation office   - Germany: MunichStadium - Germany: MunichStachus - Germany: MunichRegional office for agriculture - Germany: FreisingThis text comes from HIMA’s home page: “Conventional fire and smoke protection concepts are often stretched to their limits in the event of a complex fire scenario. The safe integration of all of th…

Octopus Smart Card from Hong-Kong

Smart-Cards have been along for three decades, but still the RFID technology waits for a major break-through.
Buscom uses a comparable technique for payments in public transport but Octopus has a much broader application range.

VTT in Finland has been studying the use of long distance reader technology of passive RFID cards. This technology should have a broad range of appllications in Supply Chain Management. Idesco and Raflatac are important RFID companies in Finland.

We talk about micropayment, smart cards, RFID technology and QR codes during our Innovation train trip to Oulu January13, 2010. Take a look at what is said in Qaiku - most of it still in Finnish language.

A successful homegrown business, Octopus is now one of the world's leading smart card payment systems. From the birth of an innovative idea to exporting expertise abroad, Octopus has come a long way. Learn more about the company from their corporate profile.
Our historyOur corporate structureOur services in Hong …

The Innovation Train from Helsinki to Helsinki

Almost fifty people will travel with a special train (conference wagon) Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki in January 13, 2010. The train starts early in the morning: 6h30 an returns before midnight to Helsinki. One of the problem solving tasks from the Sponsor Tapio is related to the Forestry Industry. How could the national resource of wood be used in a better, more innovative and productive way in the future? What is the role of biomass in the solving of global warming? Will there be new future possibilities for the paper industry? What about the planned bio-refineries? UPM might build one at Kuusankoski or Rauma. What else could we do with wood? Any ideas about new forms of how to monetize the value of forest resources? Recreational use and the mythical dimensions of Finnish forests.

Innovation train meeting at Dazzle today

Something is in the air. You can see the ideas spreading like lights in the sky.

The innovation train has already 51 participants and today at Dazzle we've to take decisions about more space on the train.

Vesa Auvinen writes in Qaiku: f-2-f meeting at Dazzl Oy, Salomonkatu 17B, 12. floor, 00100 Helsinki - in the  Autotalo, close to Kampin metro station.

Vesa Auvinen's contact information at Qaiku and Facebook.

The Innovation Train is Moving

The registration for the innovation train Helsinki - Oulu- Helsinki Januari 13, 2010 is completed with 47 participants.

More details about the participants are available here and the official home page in Finnish language: .

I'll be blogging the event in this blog. Take a look at the sponsors.

There is a channel on Twitter covering #Innovaatiojuna. The "work horse" for open planning and idea generation takes place in Qaiku.

Tomorrow a meeting in Helsinki where we decided about details, mission, logistics and goals. More information to be published here on a continuous basis.

Dazzle is one of the sponsors

Let me tell you, Dazzle is located in one of the Autotalo buildings.

Dazzle's offices are on the 12´the floor.

The company is a facilitator for change.

Dazzle's Mr. Vesa Auvinen is happy to tell you more about details.

Have you seen the video or should we produce one in English?

We're going to feature other sponsors as well. Who are coming?