Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki 13.1.2010

E71_07.11.2009_Loviisa 016
The innovation train starts at 6:30 am January 13, 2010. We’ve fifteen days to wait until the departure.

Is anybody from Oulu reading this or following the discussions in Qaiku.

Janne Saarikko wrote today that 47 tickets have been delivered and now it’s important for all the participants to be on time at the Helsinki railway station.

A small group will step on the train in Tampere. I haven’t yet decided if I travel from Loviisa to Helsinki early in the morning or if I leave from Kajaani to Helsinki the night before. The third alternative would be to spend my night in Espoo.

What are we expecting from this trip? What are the seven sponsors waiting for? Some of the problems to be solved have already been presented. Some will be disclosed during the first hours on the train.

There will be an extensive documentation of what happens during this trip. It will be a starting point towards something new.
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