The Innovation Train from Helsinki to Helsinki

E71_24.10.2009_Sotkamo 133 Almost fifty people will travel with a special train (conference wagon) Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki in January 13, 2010. The train starts early in the morning: 6h30 an returns before midnight to Helsinki.

One of the problem solving tasks from the Sponsor Tapio is related to the Forestry Industry. How could the national resource of wood be used in a better, more innovative and productive way in the future?

What is the role of biomass in the solving of global warming? Will there be new future possibilities for the paper industry? What about the planned bio-refineries? UPM might build one at Kuusankoski or Rauma. What else could we do with wood? Any ideas about new forms of how to monetize the value of forest resources? Recreational use and the mythical dimensions of Finnish forests.

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