Octopus Smart Card from Hong-Kong

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Smart-Cards have been along for three decades, but still the RFID technology waits for a major break-through.
Buscom uses a comparable technique for payments in public transport but Octopus has a much broader application range.

VTT in Finland has been studying the use of long distance reader technology of passive RFID cards. This technology should have a broad range of appllications in Supply Chain Management. Idesco and Raflatac are important RFID companies in Finland.

We talk about micropayment, smart cards, RFID technology and QR codes during our Innovation train trip to Oulu January13, 2010. Take a look at what is said in Qaiku - most of it still in Finnish language.

A successful homegrown business, Octopus is now one of the world's leading smart card payment systems. From the birth of an innovative idea to exporting expertise abroad, Octopus has come a long way. Learn more about the company from their corporate profile.
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