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Dream Society and Happiness as a value in iTraining

Dream Society profiles the six major markets that target our basic emotional needs that are listed below the picture of Father Christmas.These form the foundation of the Dream Society. I learned about the Dream Society book this morning through a radio program discussing audio advertising and realized that this could explain one of the corner stones of iTraining and the values behind it. Happiness | Wellness Society | Sustainability | Energy intensive | Productive | Profitable | International The book provides examples of successful companies, like Nike and Rolex, that already understand those markets, and meet and profit from them. It emphasizes the necessity for all organizations to harness these markets so they can thrive in the future. Those needs for:Adventure Togetherness To care and be cared for To define ourselves To feel safe and secure To demonstrate our convictions These form the foundation of the Dream Society. The book provides examples of successful companies, like Nike…

My Innovationtrain – Innovaatiojuna Started here in Kajaani 12.1.2010

The innovationtrain was the most important event of January 13, 2010. We’re now working with the next steps.iTraining is a concept that was tested during the Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki one day journey.The next step will take place at the Flexible Services Seminar in Espoo 4.2.2010.I’m also working with new ideas concerning distributed energy fro villages in Russia. Should get more time to get into some real estate projects in need for new business models. And I returned to the Kajaani railway station late in the evening of January 14, 2010.

Almost black and white

The Finnish nature is 2010 more black and white than fifty years ago. The climate change powerpoints are not representing the reality outside your living room window.I was visiting my friends in Ruotsinpyhtaa and here 550 km’s south of Sotkamo the nature is just as beautiful and cold as most of us can remember from post-war childhood memories.This isn’t the cold war or not even post-recession. The climate didn’t change towards warm and cozy. We’re not going to get palm trees to the southern part of the Finland next summer. There are no hopes fore vineyards. Finland has a climate this year that is one of the coldest in the past fifty years.The climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, didn’t reach a clear resolution about what to do to fight the climate change. Lots of people now think that the climate change campaign was a smoke screen and a political campaign. We’ve more snow in southern Finland than anyone could imagine. The temperatures are – 20 to 30 Centigrade. It’s really cold.…

Open Innovation is like a Candle in the Black Box

Open Innovation and Open Data is receiving more attention in Finland.The innovation train was a great success and we’re seeing new emerging inventions.Some new ideas are boiling around the Nokia service. The Nokia Maps combined with the Ovi service provides numerous new possibilities.We’re working with iTraining concepts that can be applied to big organizations. We’ve the tools for Connecting People and how to become more Social but there is only a small fraction of users familiar with the vast possibilities. A lot of mental and inventive work is needed to make our society really social.

iTraiding is a modification of iTraining

I had to add an extra i to make the formula working.

i = identification (business opportunity, short description graphics, photo)
T = Target (definition of target)
r = relationship (building and m aintaining relationship)
a = activities (calls, digital visits, promotion, presentation)
i = interaction (learning more about needs, competition, price, demand, timescale)
d = deal-making (proposal and negotiating the deal)
i = innovation (customer problem solving)
n = navigation (delivery, supply chain, logistical operation)
g = guidance (customer support through product life cycle)

iTraining of large organizations as result of #innovaatiojuna

Got Googled The End of the World as We Know It as a Christmas present from New York yesterday and think about #iTraining as a group product. It would be a spin-off from the January 13, 2009 #innovationtrain / #innovaatiojuna performance.We did start a discussion here yesterday about #iTraining. I try to write blog posts about the content this week. We could have two versions: a) Finnish b) Englsih . I think about several interesting areas a) Forest Industry b) Energy sector c) eGovernment d) Regional Development d) Building Industry c) EcoCity Sustainable Living d) Education and Knowledge Transfer e) SME's globalization...There are several areas in the society where high-speed innovation as a process could lead to remarkable savings and performance enhancements.

The Innovationtrain and the traditional seminar

The traditional seminar means that one speaks out loud the bullet points in of a PowerPoint presentation.Ten to thousand people are silently listening or working with their computers. Those who are lucky users of social media can Twitter or Qaiku while “listening”.The innovationtrain was a 6 am to 2 am performance. Everybody participated. The idea generation process was thoroughly videoed, photographed and texted. This means that those who wasn’t present have a good chance to jump on the moving train whenever they like.The digital material is openly available to anybody motivated or willing to take part in the innovation process. More information about the innovationtrain in Qaiku (FI) Twitter (Also in EN)

The self organized innovation train is on the track to Oulu

The innovationtrain is moving towards Oulu. People speak in Finnish language but you get an idea about the faces and the atmosphere during the incredible and historical trip.

Innovaatiojunan alkumatkan taltiointia oman kamerani kuvakulmasta. Tästä toivottavasti saa käsitystä hieman siitä, millaista oli itseorganisoituvuus junassa.

Leaving Sotkamo 19h10 – Kajaani – Oulu – Tampere – Oulu – Helsinki – Loviisa – Kouvola – Kajaani - Sotkamo

My trip starts at 19h10. Still some work to do before departure. The first thing on my agenda is SAUNA. It’s heating already.Next, there is some administrative work that needs to be done. The digitalization of daily activities does save a lot of time and it’s the location is becoming less important. Nevertheless, there is still tons of work to be done to improve the networks to enable ubiquitous computing. Small things are important. I’ve to travel light. Need to decide the most important gadgets going with me.Samsung NC20, 3G mobile connection, built in videocam Olympus Digital Voice Recorder for podcasts Nokia E71 smart phone Powershot G5 digital camera Innovation train t-shirt Notepads and pencils Essential personal things Warm clothes, practical shoes or booths I need to carry all my stuff with me all the time. The digital camera battery needs to be loaded. I’ve a spare battery as well. Transfer of pictures to the PC. E71 cleaned fro maximum memory space. Synchronization with OVI …

Loviisa, Sotkamo, Oulu, Tampere, Oulu, Helsinki, Oulu, Kajaani and Sotkamo

The innovation train project has been evolving since the summer of 2009. For my part, it started in Sotkamo, continued in Loviisa and now again, I’m up in northeastern Finland and will travel from Sotkamo to Oulu tomorrow, take the night train to Tampere and join the team of the majority of people coming from the Helsinki region.What will this group achieve? The participants believe in open innovation. This symbolic trip will show if fifty inventive personalities can start a change process in our society. The goals are great and the hopes are probably exaggerated but I’ve a genuine feeling that this is a journey into something very new. The post-recession Finland has to change. This is one attempt to create something completely new.

The Innovation Train and the Open Declaration on European Public Services

The Innovation train simulates the Open Declaration without knowing the theory. It’s a great example of a DIY (do it yourself) operation bringing out the best of people.The needs of today’s society are too complex to be met by government alone. While traditional government policies sought to automate public services and encourage self-service, the biggest impact of the web will be in improving services through collaboration, transparency and knowledge-sharing.I think, we have been doing this unconsciously and the improving along the road.Europe should grasp this opportunity and rebuild the relationship between citizens and the state by opening up public institutions and by empowering citizens to take a more active role in public services.Open Innovation and collaboration promises new possibilities.As citizens, we want full insight into all the activities undertaken on our behalf. We want to be able to contribute to public policies as they are developed, implemented, and reviewed. We w…

Business Angels and the Innovation train

Early Warning Note to Business Angels. The innovation train is on the move. The symbolic journey Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki will take place 13.1.2010 and we hope to have some disruptive open innovation news released during or after the trip.There is talk about the documentation of the trip. Blogs, podcasts, Flicker, video streams, YouTube, Qik, Facebook, Brightkite, Qaiku, Twitter, Bambuser, Ning, etc will tell about details. The is the official home page and the core content will certainly be translated to English after the trip.

It has been exceptionally cold on the globe

We’re planning the content and setting the goals for the innovation train Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki January 13, 2009.The climate conference in Copenhagen didn’t decide about any definitive rules and measuring objectives for the participating nations.There was a lot of talk, but finally, they couldn’t agree about the action and execution. Hopefully, the innovation train will be able to do something extraordinary. This is a the beginning of a long journey. A lot has to be done in the City of Oulu alone to ensure a positive development during the next decade.It has been – 20 C in the region of Oulu for several days. We’d – 30 C in Sotkamo at the end of 2009.

Innovation train, Apple tablet and other Tech News

I try to figure out what will happen this year?  The entire industry is waiting to see if Apple really is going to make a tablet this time.People say that we can watch TV in your bathroom, access our audio and video collection from anywhere in the house, control the big screen TV and route video to it from our desktop, laptop or the Internet." January 26th of 2010 is most likely the date for a presentation. Steve Jobs is expected finally to move this long-broiling rumor toward the line for reality. Is Apple finally going to get a Web tablet out the door and onto shelves and desks everywhere.Some think, Android and iPhone will kill off all the other mobile phone platforms. Android will be bigger while it will run on all of the "free" cell phones, but iPhone will still be "cooler", and will work more seamlessly with Apple's tablet computer. Facebook continues to grow and could possibly become as big as Google.  Think about it: this company didn’t exist five …

Financing your innovative project should be easy – is it?

Right now the world is awash in cheap money, looking for someplace to go. Have you seen the “angels” marching around?The age of access will change the market economy to a networked economy. Take a look at this blog and video about what Rifkin says about the Collaborative Economy. Short-term interest rates are close to zero; long-term interest rates are higher, but only because investors expect the zero-rate policy to end some day. “The entire global economy is built on ownership - especially in terms of property.  I can see it for most goods and services, but for property, that would be a fundamental shift so large it would require a scale of catastrophic destruction in value that I find hard to imagine,” is written in the hub culture news blog.  China has become a major financial and trade power. Unlike the dollar, the euro or the yen, whose values fluctuate freely, China’s currency is pegged by official policy at about 6.8 yuan to the dollar. At this exchange rate, Chinese manufactu…

The Innovation Train Kicks us out of Muddy Waters

It's ironic that “The Train”, one of the symbols of early growth of 1900 which transformed Finland and its transport system, should still have a central role in search for the Finnish "innovation dream" still being alive and well. The truth is that a majority of Finns now realizes that our country hit by the economic downturn is in irreversible decline. Obviously, China and India can both demolish our manufacturing base. The forest industry might move its investment portfolios to Russia.China has already taken big portions of modern manufacturing from us, and India will take IT and software away from us in the coming decades, which will finish off that part of our economy once and for all. What will be left for European’s and American’s if vital industries are transferred to low-cost countries? What are the innovations that will revitalize the Finnish economy during the coming decades? How long can we continue to add the debt load and hope that better times will be aroun…

Road Information System - CUVIA

VT6 or National Road 6 was on my agenda 2005 – 2006.  The Road Information System was intended to supply hyper local information to road warriors, travelers and tourists using VT6.A blueprint for big screen displays in frequently visited locations was conceptualized. The “Visual Radio” system would provide updated information about services along the road from Helsinki to Kajaani.Sometimes, I think that this project should be re-vitalized. Information updating and distribution would be easier than ever before.