Almost black and white

Kuva 042The Finnish nature is 2010 more black and white than fifty years ago. The climate change powerpoints are not representing the reality outside your living room window.

I was visiting my friends in Ruotsinpyhtaa and here 550 km’s south of Sotkamo the nature is just as beautiful and cold as most of us can remember from post-war childhood memories.

This isn’t the cold war or not even post-recession. The climate didn’t change towards warm and cozy. We’re not going to get palm trees to the southern part of the Finland next summer. There are no hopes fore vineyards. Finland has a climate this year that is one of the coldest in the past fifty years.

The climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, didn’t reach a clear resolution about what to do to fight the climate change. Lots of people now think that the climate change campaign was a smoke screen and a political campaign. We’ve more snow in southern Finland than anyone could imagine. The temperatures are – 20 to 30 Centigrade. It’s really cold.

Nothing in the nature follows the dooms-day predictions by climate change predictors. What did go wrong? Did nature re-calibrate itself? Do we need to re-shape those outdated theories? Or should we be more critical about the big screen presentations delivered at high-profile seminars?

Humans are not very good at predicting the future. We should not try to play God.

People in Haiti might have a clue about how wrong scientists can be. How about the woodoo priests? What did they know about the earth quake in advance?

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