The Innovation Train and the Open Declaration on European Public Services


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The Innovation train simulates the Open Declaration without knowing the theory. It’s a great example of a DIY (do it yourself) operation bringing out the best of people.

The needs of today’s society are too complex to be met by government alone. While traditional government policies sought to automate public services and encourage self-service, the biggest impact of the web will be in improving services through collaboration, transparency and knowledge-sharing.

I think, we have been doing this unconsciously and the improving along the road.

Europe should grasp this opportunity and rebuild the relationship between citizens and the state by opening up public institutions and by empowering citizens to take a more active role in public services.

Open Innovation and collaboration promises new possibilities.

As citizens, we want full insight into all the activities undertaken on our behalf. We want to be able to contribute to public policies as they are developed, implemented, and reviewed. We want to be actively involved in designing and providing public services with extensive scope to contribute our views and with more and more decisions in our hands.

We want the whole spectrum of government information from draft legislation to budget data to be easy for citizens to access, understand, reuse, and remix. This is not because we want to reduce government’s role, but because open collaboration will make public services better and improve the quality of decision-making.

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